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Make Grocery Store Flower Bouquets

Create a spring bouquet by mixing store-bought and garden elements to chase away winter gloom.
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Rustic Spring Flower Arrangement

Transform a mix of grocery store blooms and the forsythia branches from your garden into a pretty spring-anticipating arrangement. The forsythia branches contribute texture and structure, but you might get lucky and force a bloom or two, too. For a full farmhouse arrangement, try leaving the woody forsythia cuttings a bit longer or trim them to various heights and insert among mixed blooms arranged in a weathered metal bucket.

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Repurpose Grocery Story Flowers

This time of year, flowers that sing spring are readily available at your local market. Stop in and pick up a selection of spring flowers including daffodils and tulips.

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Try Winter Forsythia in a Flower Arrangement

Even winter-bare forsythia can make a striking almost architectural addition to a flower arrangement. You might even get lucky and trigger some blooms when you bring the branches into a warm house.

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A Simple Arrangement of Vibrant Blooms

A smaller, rounded arrangement is lovely for the bedside table. Trim the stems a few inches taller than the height of your vase to create a fuller arrangement of uniform height.

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