How to Block-Print Napkins With Simple DIY Stamps

Turn basic household items into simple stamps, then get the kids and create your own custom-stamped towels and napkins.

Easy Printed Napkins

Transform basic linen napkins into colorful keepsakes with fabric-safe paint and easy-to-make stamps.

DIY Stamps

Large, ornate vintage buttons and miniature tart tins create interesting patterns when dipped in fabric-safe paint. Buy a variety of thrift-store buttons to try. You'll also need corks, hot glue and linen napkins or towels in the color of your choice. Once the stamps are assembled, kids will love to help decorate towels and napkins with their own custom designs.

Add Hot Glue

Add a dollop of hot glue to the small side of a cork.

Attach to Button

Press the cork firmly onto the button and allow to dry completely before using. Read on to see some of our favorite patterns.

Easy-to-Stamp Link Pattern

Spread a thin layer of paint onto a round, scallop-edged button stamp. Start in the corner of your napkin or towel, then overlap the designs until you reach the other end.

Bright Flowers

A flat, flower-shaped button stamp produces a cheerful, perfect-for-spring pattern.

Cork Polka Dots

For a simpler pattern, use the cork base as the stamp. Dip the top of one cork and the bottom of another to create two sizes of polka dots.

Tart-Tin Arrows

Create a graphic, modern napkin using diamond-shaped mini tart tins and orange paint on a charcoal-gray napkin.

Easy-to-Make Flowers

Group petal-shaped tart-tin stamps into vibrant flowers. Use a foam paintbrush to create a stem and the petal-shaped tin for a leaf, if desired.

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