DIY Pet Costumes You Can Enjoy All Year Long

Who says you need a special holiday to dress up your fur baby? These adorable costumes are easy to make and will keep you and your pet entertained all year long. 

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Photo By: H. Camille Smith

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer, Ten22 Studio

Photo By: Rennai Hoefer, Ten22 Studio

Photo By: H. Camille Smith

Fairy Fido

To recreate this sweet fairy outfit, start with a basic pet jacket. From there, it only takes a few basic craft supplies to take it up one magical notch. No sewing required!

Make It: Dog Fairy Costume

Little Ladybug

Your pup's Instagram followers will be blowing up your phone all day when they see her in this precious lady bug costume.

Make It: Ladybug Dog Costume

Puppy Piñata

If your doggie already likes to wear t-shirts, this low-sew costume will be just as comfy. Colorful felt fabric fringed and glued together make for the perfect Cinco de Mayo (or anytime) outfit.

Make It: Piñata Dog Costume

Monster Mongrel

Create the perfect photo op with this fleece head-wrap that turns your best bud into a mighty-cute monster..

Make It: Monster Dog Costume

Funky Feline

For a cat that isn't likely to wear an entire outfit, this fun hat may be the answer. Plus, it features one of kitty's favorite things: yarn!

Make It: Rasta Cat Costume

Professional Pooch

This dog is all business in his dress shirt and tie. Who knew a disassembled shirt and a clip-on tie could look so darn adorable?

Make It: Business Man Dog Costume

Barking Bumblebee

There's just something about dressing animals up as other animals that never gets old. Need proof? Just look at this insanely-cute bumblebee!

Make It: Bumblebee Dog Costume

Floral Fur-Baby

Just as comfy as it is cute, this easy-to-make flower costume attaches to your dog's harness to make sure they love the look as much as you do.

Make It: Flower Pet Costume

Petaled Pup

Though your dog isn't likely to wear this floral headdress all night long, you're bound to get a few cute pics out of this easy-sew headband.

Make It: Flower Headband Dog Costume

Clowning Canine

Show off your goofball's big smile with a court jester costume that shines almost as bright as he does.

Make It: Court Jester Dog Costume

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