100 DIY Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Add creative, personalized touches to your dorm room and save tons of $$$ with our easy, budget-friendly DIY projects you can make in a few hours or less.

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June 05, 2020

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Photo By: Cassidy Garcia Photography

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

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Photo By: Karen Kavett

Photo By: Courtesy of the blogger

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Karen Kavett

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Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Sarah Busby; Styling by H. Camille Smith

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

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Photo By: Karen Kavett

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Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

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Photo By: Cassidy Garcia Photography

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Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

Photo By: Karen Kavett

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Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Courtesy of the blogger

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Photo By: Karen Kavett

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Photo By: Jalynn Baker

Photo By: Sam Henderson

Photo By: Karen Kavett

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Photo By: Shain Rievley

Photo By: Jennie Andrews Photography

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Photo By: Jennie Andrews

Photo By: Jennie Andrews

Photo By: Cassidy Garcia

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DIY Rainbow Headboard

Keep your dreams lofty and your head in the clouds with this oh-so-colorful DIY rainbow headboard made from pipe insulation tubes, vibrant fabric and project foam.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Rainbow Headboard

Oversized Typography Art

No need to splurge on pricey wall art for your college digs. Save your money for books (trust us!) and create a stylish statement above your dorm desk or bed with this easy, three-dimensional typography art project. All you need is a roll of corrugated cardboard and a few basic crafting tools.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Cardboard Typography Art

Wall-Decal Chair

Add a mid-mod look to a non-upholstered chair with colorful peel-and-stick wall decals that won't damage school-issued furniture.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a DIY Wall-Decal Chair

DIY Garment Rack

Short on closet space? Store your favorite clothes and accessories on this stylish DIY copper rack. It’s so pretty, you’ll want to give it a prominent spot in your dorm room.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Chic Copper Garment Rack

Fabric-Wrapped Storage Bins

Give basic cardboard file boxes a stylish upgrade by covering them in pretty floral fabric. Use as extra storage under a desk or stack two for a multipurpose side table.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Fabric-Wrapped Storage Bins

Gold Leaf Timepiece

Time flies when you’re having fun and, as you’ll soon find out, there’s no shortage of fun to be had during your collegiate years. Keep track of your bustling study (and social) schedule with this minimalist-style concrete clock painted with pretty gold leafing.

GET THE HOW-TO: Time's Ticking! Make This Chic, Gold-Leaf Concrete Clock

Stenciled Tile Tray

Keep your desk neat and tidy with a custom tray stenciled to mimic the look of expensive cement tile. This weekend project provides durable storage and is easy to recreate at home with supplies from your local hardware store. Best part? You can customize your tray with paint colors that coordinate with your unique dorm room design plans.

GET THE HOW-TO: Stencil Your Way to a Stunning Cement Tile Tray

Double-Decker Planter

Breathe new life into your drab dorm room with this darling double-decker planter. The DIY design uses galvanized buckets, interior paint, wooden boards, chandelier chains and low-maintenance house plants to create a floating garden to accompany you through freshman year.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Hanging Window Planter

Watercolor Blooms

Throw on a smock, dust-off your paintbrushes and spend the afternoon recreating these watercolor blooms to add a floral touch to your dorm room decor. Our video tutorial, linked below, shares our top tips for yielding professional-looking posies to create a one-of-a-kind painting that's deserving of a frame.

GET THE HOW-TO: Painting Watercolor Flowers

Hat Wall

Combine style and function by transforming that empty space above the bed into chic storage. Use nails or removable hooks to present your favorite hats, alternating the heights to give the display a designer look.

MORE IDEAS: 36 Fresh New Ways to Decorate Above the Bed

Sweet Storage

Transform cardboard destined for the recycling bin into fresh, functional trinket trays perfect for organizing paper clips, hair ties and more.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Summer Desk Decor

Light-Up Sign

Create a neon-inspired sign that spells out your favorite word of the moment.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a DIY Light-Up Sign

Dollar Store Mirror Cabinet

Instead of spending $50-$100 on an over-the-door storage mirror, make one yourself with a dollar store mirror, a few pieces of wood and easy-to-find hardware.

GET THE HOW-TO: Hanging Around: DIY Catch-All Mirror Cabinet

Recycled Cardboard Planter

Don't toss that empty soda box — turn it into a trendy faux succulent wall planter and add a little green to those boring dorm room walls.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Recycled Wall Decor Crafts

Floral Mousepad

Study in style this semester with our ultra-easy DIY floral mousepad project that will only cost you a few bucks (and get you lots of compliments!).

GET THE HOW-TO: Create a Chic, DIY Mousepad in Minutes

Sticky Note Calendar

Start your year off with a bang! Create a customizable sticky note calendar that can be easily adjusted as often as your schedule changes. If you appreciate order, but still want a calendar that has some zing, this is the perfect DIY for you.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Sticky Note Calendar

Dowel + Brass Plant Stand

Use budget-friendly hardware, like wooden dowels and brass fittings, to create a modern houseplant stand that can be painted to match any theme.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Dowel and Brass Plant Stand

Map Your Travels

Chart your adventures or highlight destinations you and your bestie can't wait to visit with this easy-to-craft magnetic wall map.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Magnetic Wall Map

Printed Affirmations

This DIY is as easy as it gets. Find a quote you love, type it up in a fun font, print it off and hang it on a cute clipboard for daily inspiration. Stay motivated by changing up the quote monthly or even weekly.

Hang a Tapestry

Show off your free spirit with this oversized, bohemian-inspired tapestry. Hang it as a headboard, as a statement piece above your shared sofa or add a punch of color to your bedding.

BUY IT: Urban Outfitters, $39

Trendy Terrazzo Coasters

Terrazzo is popping up everywhere these days. From chic Instagram-able floors to trendy tabletop decor, this multicolored material is the confetti of the design world. Get the luxe look for less with DIY drink coasters that are perfect for dorm room entertaining and double as on-trend decor.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make Terrazzo-Inspired Drink Coasters for Your Next Shindig

Greeting Card Gallery Wall

Add personality to your space with stylish and trendy prints that add vibrancy and inspire creativity. You can buy a variety of gorgeous, colorful art prints for an affordable price at Target, Society6, Urban Outfitters or Etsy, or simply collect fun greeting and postcards. Curate several pieces and sprinkle in a few printed Instagram photos to create a well-arranged gallery wall.

MORE IDEAS: 46 Chic & Functional Dorm Room Decorating Ideas

Welcome That Wows

Transform a plain, old doormat into a colorful entryway accessory with just a few basic craft supplies and our free printable template.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Rainbow Doormat

Color Swatch Team Art

Show off your school spirit in style with minimalist color swatch-inspired art in your team's colors. Simply print oversized squares in the colors of your choice, add a team or school name below and frame.

TOUR THE SPACE: A Stylish Take on a Sports-Themed Teen Bedroom

Instagram Flip Calendar

This standing flip calendar lets you enjoy your photos outside of your phone. Bonus? Once you make this calendar, you can use it every year. Just update the pictures whenever you're ready for a change.

GET THE HOW-TO: 5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Family Organized This Year

Cute Curtain Tiebacks

These DIY curtain tiebacks mimic the look of pricey designer versions, but are easy on the wallet (and on the eyes). Snag three of our favorite DIY styles at the link below.

GET THE HOW-TO: 3 DIY Curtain Tie-Backs From the Hardware Store

Removable Accent Wall

No nails allowed? No problem. This gorgeous accent wall of painted hexagon-shaped cork pieces is attached with removable adhesive strips. Tack on favorite photos and magazine clippings with oversized pushpins for a multipurpose look that can be easily packed up at the end of the semester.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make a Geometric Memo Board

PVC Pipe Desk Organizer

Pretty desk accessories can keep your workspace in order, but they can be pricey. Get the look for less with this DIY organizer: It’s made with inexpensive PVC pipes and a wood board, and you can customize it with any colors to perfectly complement your other decor.

GET THE HOW-TO: Tidy Up Your Desk With This Chic DIY Organizer

Tape Transformation

Give school-issued furniture a temporary upgrade by creating a trendy pattern on drawer fronts using thick white tape. And while you're at it, swap out those knobs for something a little more stylish. Just make sure to put the old ones back on before you move out.

Felt Ball Chandelier

Add a punch of color to your ceilings with this fun chandelier made from basic craft supplies.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Felt Ball Mobile

Space-Saving Desk

The perfect petite workspace for a small dorm room, this chic DIY desk drops down when you need it and folds away when you don’t.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Build a Space-Saving Wall-Mounted Desk

Washi Tape Door Decor

Make your dorm door stand out with a ceiling-to-floor greeting to your fellow dorm dwellers. To recreate this look, use scraps of painter's tape to divide your door into five equal sections, then spell out the word "hello" using colorful washi tape. Remove the painter's tape, then go back and add cool geometric details.

MORE IDEAS: 20 Totally Removable Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Trendy Cane Tray

Cane furniture and decor is having a major moment right now. While lugging a large cane statement chair to your dorm room might not be feasible, you can still integrate the stylish woven look into your decor with this DIY serving tray.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Stylish, Cane-Back Serving Tray

Paper Straw Floating Frames

Put those leftover party straws to good use as cute picture frames for funny art or printed photos.

GET THE HOW-TO: Quick + Easy Paper Straw Crafts

Wallpaper Decal Fridge

Update a boring dorm fridge by covering it in stylish peel-and-stick wallpaper panels.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a DIY Wallpaper-Decal Fridge

Book-Smart Side Table

Instead of going out and buying a run-of-the-mill end table, consider customizing things you already have by simply adding legs. Here, a stack of thrifted encyclopedias makes for one smart side table any bookworm would love.

GET THE HOW-TO: Just Add Legs for Easy DIY Furniture

Pom-Pom Blanket

Add a playful touch to your favorite blanket with thick and fluffy yarn pom-poms.

GET THE HOW-TO: How-to: Pom-Pom Blanket

Macrame Light Cord

Turn an unattractive light cord into a stunning piece of bohemian art with one simple macrame knot. Use a pendant lamp as the base for this treatment or dress up a simple swag light kit with these pretty knots and an attractive bulb.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Macrame Light-Cord Cover

Personalized Wall Photo Mural

A customizable, printable wall mural makes a bold statement without the need for paint or wallpaper, perfect for apartments and dorm rooms where temporary decor is a must.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Personalized Wall Photo Mural

Mini Gym

Fight off the freshman fifteen with a no-excuses mini gym you can hang on the back of your dorm room door.

GET THE HOW-TO: No More Excuses: DIY Pegboard Gym

DIY Leather Strap Shelf

Give plain wooden boards a stylish boost by hanging them from DIY leather straps. If leather is hard to find, old belts also work great for this project.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a DIY Leather Strap Shelf

DIY C-Shaped Side Table

A simple solution in your small dorm space, this little accent table can work as both an end table or a computer tray table when pushed over an armrest. Natural wood dowels and copper elbows make a trendy, minimalist base for a tabletop covered in faux marble contact paper.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Chic, C-Shaped Side Table

Solo Cup String Lights

Stuck inside studying? Bring the party to you by turning mini versions of the infamous red plastic cups (we found ours at the dollar store) into a strand of festive lights.

MORE IDEAS: 11 DIY Ways to Light Up Your Dorm Room (Without Burning It Down!)

Cardboard Honeycomb Shelves

Great for displaying lightweight decorative items, these metallic-look honeycomb shelves are made from (can you believe it?) cardboard.

GET THE HOW-TO: Cardboard Honeycomb Shelves

Seat Cushion Headboard

Upgrade your school-issued bed on a budget with a plush headboard made from chair cushions and a curtain rod.

GET THE HOW-TO: No Boards About It: DIY Alternative Headboard Options

Embroidery Hoop Hamper

Skip the store-bought hamper and save space with this hanging no-sew version made from a pillowcase and embroidery hoop.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Hanging Laundry Hamper

Not Your Mama's Slipcover

Has your dorm couch seen better days? No need to skimp on style — give your sofa a mini refresh by draping it in blankets and loads of fluffy throw pillows, strategically placed to hide stains.

Macrame Plant Hanger

Make an easy hanger to display your favorite plant with just a few simple supplies from the hardware store.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make an Easy Macrame Plant Hanger

Eucalyptus Garland

Bring a calm, natural aesthetic to your dorm room by hanging a simple, stylish garland above the bed.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Eucalyptus Garland

Painted Pillows

Add a touch of fun, whimsical color to your dorm room with these painted, pom-pom-lined pillows. The best part? No sewing required.

GET THE HOW-TO: 15 Designer-Worthy Throw Pillows You Can DIY in a Day

Removable Wallpaper

Wallpaper is pretty and trendy, and thanks to removable versions, your dorm room walls can get in on the fun, too. This lovely bird-themed pattern is breathtaking on its own, but it’s the application that really takes this accent wall over the top. Watch the video below to learn how to recreate the whimsical look.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Install Temporary Wallpaper

Upgrade a Dollar Store Rug

Turn a cheap rug into a classy statement piece with chalk paint and a quick DIY stencil.

GET THE HOW-TO: Rug Hacks That Will Rock Your World

Smart Charging Station

Create a spot on your desk or bedside table for charging your smartphone by hollowing out the interior of a hardback book using a utility blade, then create a small channel at the bottom for the cord to feed through.

Easy-to-Build Dorm Storage

Fact: you can never have too many storage options for your college dorm room. Follow our guide below to add to your organization arsenal and find out how to build a custom floating bookcase to house your treasured tchotchkes, mementos and school supplies.

GET THE HOW-TO: Chic, Customizable Dorm Storage Solutions

Tomato Cage Side Table

Transforming a tomato cage into something that is not, well, a tomato cage, is a lot simpler than it seems. Here, a simple wood round is stapled to the top to make a stylish and surprisingly sturdy end table for less than $20.

GET THE HOW-TO: 3 Fun Ways to Take a Tomato Cage From Practical to Pretty

Molded Vinyl Record Planter

Show off your love of vintage music by turning old, scratched records into head-turning succulent planters or catch-all bowls.

GET THE HOW-TO: 5 Genius Uses for Old, Scratched Vinyl Records

Picture-Frame Pin Board

Staple chicken wire to the back of a large, empty frame to create this chic memo board. Use mini clothespins to attach photos, reminders and more, then swap them out as needed.

Upgraded Curtains

Use fun pom-pom trim and colorful ribbons to update an inexpensive pair of ready-made curtains.

GET THE HOW-TO: Customize Store-Bought Curtains With Ribbon Trim

Clipboard Art

This DIY is a no-brainer. Snag some inexpensive clipboards from the dollar store, paint the clips a chic matte black and attach your favorite art. Lean clipboards on a shelf or bureau or hang on the wall using removable picture-hanging strips.

Recycled T-Shirt Rug

Don't throw away those old T-shirts — they can easily be turned into a one-of-a-kind doormat to decorate the inside of your room.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Recycled T-Shirt Rug

Handmade String Art

Whether you're a world traveler or just got your passport, this gorgeous world map with its intricate string art is the perfect addition to any global-inspired dorm decor.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make an Oversized World Map String Art

Fabric Pouf Ottoman

This fabric pouf can be used as an ottoman, extra seating for guests or as a coffee table with a tray on top. Use a fun, patterned fabric that matches the other decor in your room.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Fabric Pouf Ottoman

Vintage Book Planter

Turn an old book into a one-of-a-kind planter by cutting a hole in the middle, lining with plastic and adding a succulent (real or faux — we won't judge).

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Vintage Book Planter

Closet Door Jewelry Rack

Hanging your favorite jewelry on the back of the closet door is a good solution when you've got a small closet or limited bureau space. There are tons of options for hanging jewelry organizers on the market, but if you're on a budget, a few small removable hooks attached to the inside of the door will get the job done.

MORE IDEAS: Common Closet Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Beaker Lamp

Channel your inner science nerd to create this industrial beaker lamp perfect for a sophisticated study space.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Create a Flask Lamp

Ombre Dip-Dye Duvet Cover

Transform a simple set of white bedding into a fresh and modern masterpiece with your favorite color dye in just a few hours.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Ombre Dip-Dye a Duvet Cover

Upcycled Wine Cork Corkboard

Start saving up those wine corks (or collect them from friends and family) to make this simple recycled memo board.

GET THE HOW-TO: Upcycled Wine Cork Board

Pop of Paper

Take a standard-issue bookshelf from basic to boring by covering the back panels in removable wallpaper.

MORE IDEAS: How to Add Pops of Pattern With Removable Wallpaper

Baking Cup Art

Create a bold and beautiful backdrop on your desk or above your bed by turning baking supplies into a work of art.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make Abstract Art With Baking Cups

Storage Wall

Who wouldn't want this rustic storage wall in their tiny dorm room? Here, each vintage crate is stylishly stacked and secured to the wall with screws. But if dorm room rules mandate no holes in the wall, you can recreate the look on a smaller scale by following our tutorial below.

GET THE HOW-TO: Upcycle Wood Crates Into a Rustic Bookshelf

Lampshade Upgrade

Save money on lighting by transforming a thrift store lamp into a pretty, floral focal piece. All you need is fabric and glue!

GET THE HOW-TO: 3 Ways to Upgrade a Plain Lampshade

Craft Cart Bedside Table

It has multiple levels, it rolls, it might even fit under your desk — and who cares if it’s made for storing craft supplies? A cute cart like this is a great, multipurpose solution for organizing bedside necessities and other essentials. You could even turn the top into a handy coffee station for those dreaded all-nighters.

MORE IDEAS: Why a Three-Tier Rolling Cart Is the Solution to All of Your Organization Problems

Chalkboard Door Hanger

Not only does this trendy door decoration welcome friends to your room, but it also doubles as a handy way to write messages to your roomie.

GET THE HOW-TO: Modern Geometric Chalkboard Sign

Glitzy Clay Tray

Keep knickknacks organized with these colorful, easy-to-make clay bowls.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a Clay Jewelry Dish

Hot Glue Magnets

Cover your mini-fridge with cute cactus magnets made out of colored hot glue. This fun material can be found at any craft store and is surprisingly easy to work with.

GET THE HOW-TO: Your Hot Glue Gun Can Do WHAT?!

Smart Divider

Even if you’re rooming with your BFF, you'll need alone time to study or recharge, so if possible, create zones for work, play and sleep. Hang a curtain panel, tapestry or rug to create a sense of privacy. If hanging them from the ceiling isn't an option, you can make a free-standing frame using galvanized pipe. And never underestimate the transformative power of re-arranging furniture to help differentiate one space from another.

SEE MORE: No-Fuss Dorm Room Decor for Dudes

DIY Pom-Pom Trim Pillow

A plain canvas pillow cover (snag a 4-pack for $11 below), fabric hot glue and inexpensive pom-pom trim are all you need to turn old pillows into trendy statement pieces.

BUY IT: PILLOW COVERS: Amazon, $10.99, 4-pack

Easy Yarn Wall Hanging

Learn how to make a pretty, boho-inspired statement piece from yarn and beads. No weaving or special knots required.

GET THE HOW-TO: Trendy DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Multipurpose Ladder Shelf

This DIY shelf is the perfect way to turn an old wooden ladder into useful decor. The best part? You can designate one half for your things and the other for your roomie's.

GET THE HOW-TO: Step-by-Step Shelving: DIY Ladder Shelf

On-Time Upcycle

You can turn just about anything into a clock using an inexpensive clock kit. We especially love the way Sam Henderson turned this wood serving tray into a chic timepiece, hanging it on the wall with an old belt.

GET THE HOW-TO: 5 Easy DIY Clocks You Can Make in No Time

Low-Maintenance Plants in Hand-Painted Pots

Just because you live in a dorm room doesn't mean you can't bring nature inside. These succulents and low-light houseplants aren't just beautiful, they're super low-maintenance, too. Plant them in bright, hand-marbled pots and they instantly become the perfect addition to your temporary small space.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY This: Bright, Marbled Pots Using Nail Polish

Coffee Filter Art

Coffee filters are good for more than just a fresh cup of joe. Dip (fresh) filters in fabric dye to create a colorful, flower-inspired piece of temporary wall art.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make Floral Wall Art With Coffee Filters

Tropical Leaves Corkboard

Add a bit of beachy flair to your not-so-tropical dorm room with these fun, leafy DIY corkboards.

GET THE HOW-TO: DIY Custom Corkboards

Wrapping Paper Book Covers

Not every book is worthy of display on your smartly styled bookshelf. Wrap those not-so-cute hardcovers in vibrant papers for a bit of colorful eye candy.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Ways to Turn Leftover Gift Wrap Into Pretty Decor

Drapery DIY

No pre-installed curtain rods in your room? Hang your own without ruining the walls. This look was created by weaving twine through a thin copper tube, then hanging it from the ceiling using two s-hooks. If you can't find a copper tube, a thin dowel rod from the craft store could also work.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Easy DIY Window Treatment Ideas

Pretty Up Your Desktop

Dorm room furniture can be pretty plain, but there's a quick solution — cover it with removable wallpaper! Mix and match patterns to create a layered look. Here, we paired a large, organic floral pattern with a smaller, structured geometric X pattern.

MORE IDEAS: 20 Totally Removable Dorm Room Decor Ideas

Movable Crate Coffee Table + Storage

Vibrant color, plentiful storage and casual style make this upcycled crate coffee table perfect for almost any decor style. Just wait until everyone finds out you made it.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make a Mobile Outdoor Coffee Table From Wooden Crates

Plastic Straw Planters

Don't let those plastic straws end up in a landfill! When you're done slurping up your iced coffee, save your straws to make a few of these gorgeous faux copper air planters.

GET THE HOW-TO: Make a Chic Copper Air Planter Out of Upcycled Plastic Straws

Attach Posters With Washi Tape

No frame? No problem. Colorful posters decorate and add personal style to dorm room decor. To save money on frames, use washi tape that complements your poster or print to adhere it to the wall.

Scarf "Curtains"

Cover up unsightly dorm windows with blanket scarves draped over a curtain rod or tension rod.

Monogram Marquee

Show off your school spirit with a giant monogram design that shines.

GET THE HOW-TO: How-to: Marquee Letter Sign

Paper Dahlias

Dress up blank walls with oversized paper dahlias in a variety of hues using scrapbook paper or leftover wrapping paper.

GET THE HOW-TO: Easy DIY Craft: Paper Dahlias

DIY Light Box

Put your name (and your message) in lights with a DIY marquee sign made from a shadowbox frame and a strand of colorful Christmas lights.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a DIY Light Box

SEE MORE: 11 DIY Ways to Light Up Your Dorm Room (Without Burning It Down!)

Washi Tape Wall

This gorgeous geometric accent wall was created from strips of glam, gold washi tape. The best part? Washi tape peels off clean without damaging wall paint, making it the perfect addition to your dorm room design.

MORE IDEAS: 10 Ways to Transform Your Space With Washi Tape

Basket Upcycle

Give old baskets new life by using acrylic paint and an artists' brush to freehand a bohemian-inspired pattern.

GET THE HOW-TO: 3 Ways to Personalize Baskets

DIY Dry-Erase Board

Make this cute dry-erase board for notes, to-do lists and daily affirmations by inserting colorful wrapping paper into a dollar store picture frame and adding fun embellishments.

GET THE HOW-TO: 3 Gifts You Can Make With Dollar Store Finds

Paper Floral Arrangement

Brighten your bedside table or energize your desk with this easy-to-follow paper flower tutorial. All you need to achieve this dazzling display? A roll of party steamers, scissors, glue dots and floral stems. Yes, really!

GET THE HOW-TO: Three Ways to Make Easy Paper Flowers

Armchair Upcycle

Add a touch of glam, cozy texture to your space by covering that boring dorm room chair with a faux sheepskin rug.

MORE IDEAS: 15 Trendy DIY Ways to Dress Up a Plain Chair

DIY Kitchenette

Mini refrigerators are useful, but they aren't all that attractive. Personalize your dorm room refrigerator using strips of washi tape. We created an abstract stripe design with metallic gold tape. Chalkboard adhesive over the freezer allows you to further personalize the appliance. A light turquoise stacked shelf creates a cute and useful pantry for food and kitchen accessory storage.

MORE IDEAS: Stock Your Dorm Kitchen With These 14 Essentials

Polymer Clay Photo Holder

Use polymer clay and 22-gauge wire to create a modern photo holder. Get creative! Bend the wire into a star, hexagon or other fun shape.

GET THE HOW-TO: How to Make a DIY Polymer Clay Photo Holder

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