11 Things Only Crafters Will Understand

Your family may not understand your obsession with glitter and tape, but we do! See if you can relate to these 11 dilemmas many crafters face.

By: Liz Gray
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There's no such thing as too many kinds of tape.

Washi tape, duct tape, electrical tape, painter's tape, masking tape, double-sided tape...these are just the basics.

Some people dream about designer shoes, you dream about washi tape.

Forget the pot of gold...you're hoping there's a vat of colorful washi tape at the end of the rainbow.

Seriously. Tape is the best.

You're thinking about getting a tattoo to cement your devotion.

A quick trip to the craft store...doesn't exist.

Every excursion ends the same way: Two hours later, with a $100 checkout balance and a pile of "must-have" supplies. That heart-shaped paper punch? Not optional.

You want to spray paint ALL THE THINGS.

Ever since you experienced spray painting for the first time, no plastic animal, picture frame or tacky tchotchke is safe. Even your dog got into the crossfire once or twice.

Pretty paper is your kryptonite.

So pretty. So many crafting possibilities. You'd be cheating yourself not to buy one of every color and pattern, right?

Your crafting arsenal includes every color of acrylic paint.

And glass paint. And fabric paint. Friends have started bypassing the craft store and just hitting up your (overflowing!) craft chest.

Fabric scissors are for fabric only!

Anyone who uses them to cut sticky tape or open cardboard boxes will have serious consequences to face.

You can't bring yourself to throw out anything. Ever.

Even though you know you're one cardboard box away from a Hoarders appearance, you just can't let potential craft supplies out the door. Your friends' recycling? Your craft project.

More glitter, please!

The words, "I think there's enough glitter on that" have never crossed your lips. It's like the hot sauce of the craft world: A little sprinkle makes everything better.

One word: Craftermath.

Like a crafting hangover, every creative session yields a pile of tiny paper scraps dotted with paint overspray and glitter. (And of course, something amazing.)

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