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11 Things Only Crafters Will Understand

By: Liz Gray

Your family may not understand your obsession with glitter and tape, but we do! See if you can relate to these 11 dilemmas many crafters face.

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There's no such thing as too many kinds of tape.

Washi tape, duct tape, electrical tape, painter's tape, masking tape, double-sided tape...these are just the basics.

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Some people dream about designer shoes, you dream about washi tape.

Forget the pot of're hoping there's a vat of colorful washi tape at the end of the rainbow.

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Seriously. Tape is the best.

You're thinking about getting a tattoo to cement your devotion.

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A quick trip to the craft store...doesn't exist.

Every excursion ends the same way: Two hours later, with a $100 checkout balance and a pile of "must-have" supplies. That heart-shaped paper punch? Not optional.

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