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5 Brilliant Designer Hacks for Your Kitchen

Ever wonder how designers pull off such visually stunning kitchens? Designer Abbi Williams lets you in on a few secrets.

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Plate Drawer

Storing plates in a cabinet with organizational pegs can help keep things neat and tidy, while freeing up wall space for the open shelving you have always wanted. Williams says, "The best part is you can add a peg board and pegs to any existing drawer, making it functional and cost-effective."

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Photo: Forrest Briggs. From: Abbi Williams.

Be Bold

To create a standout kitchen "take one element in the design and get completely outside of your comfort zone. An edgy light fixture, a rich paint color, a funky island stool. Regardless of your budget this concept will add visual interest and confidence to the kitchen design," explains Abbi Williams.

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Hidden Outlets

"By code, outlets are required every few feet, but designers simply add a hidden plug mold under the upper cabinets or shelves so the much-needed outlets are completely hidden from view. And the best part, there are no visual interruptions in your gorgeous backsplash," says designer Abbi Wiliams.

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Photo: Kevin Meechan. From: Abbi Williams.

Venthood Design

Up your kitchen design with a stand-out range hood. Williams says, "your range hood should never match your cabinetry if you're looking for a custom kitchen look. A range hood is a chance to build character in your kitchen design. A unique range hood gives your kitchen design depth and visual interest."

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