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Mary Welch Fox Stasik Pushes Design Boundaries in New Series

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The 7 Best Tablets for Kids

by Chelsey Bowen
Enhance your kids' screen time with a tablet designed just for them. With kid-friendly apps, safe web browsing and protective cases, these tablets are ready for your youngest and oldest.

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Midcentury Modern Style 101

by Colleen Sullivan
Boasting sleek lines, geometric shapes, bold colors and innovative materials, midcentury modern is a boomerang design style that's here to stay.

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HGTV Obsessed Episode 30: Annie Sloan

This episode is all about paint. Annie Sloan, the creator of Chalk Paint® shares her success story. Then Kristin Luna, of Do More Art talks about how outdoor art can transform and uplift communities. Finally, Betsy Helmuth, host of the Affordable Interior Design podcast, shares valuable tips for choosing paint colors.

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10 Apartment-Sized Sofas for Every Style Under $1,500

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Got a small space and a small budget? You don't have to break the bank to buy your dream couch.