One-Wall Kitchen Design

Get ideas and inspiration for one-wall kitchen design, and prepare to create an attractive and efficient design in your kitchen space.
White Traditional Kitchen With Exposed Brick Wall

White Traditional Kitchen With Exposed Brick Wall

This beautiful large kitchen from designer Bryan Reiss takes advantage of the present architecture with an exposed brick wall and arched leaded glass windows. The kitchen accents this beautiful wall by including a large copper range hood over its professional stainless steel range.

By: Sean McEvoy

If you're considering a kitchen remodel and space is a concern, you may want to give some thought to a one-wall kitchen design.

Innovative Solutions for Small Kitchens

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Especially when paired with a kitchen island, a one-wall design in a small kitchen space can be extremely efficient, offering one-stop shopping for all your cooking, cleaning and food preparation needs.

One-wall kitchens can often be found in homes where space is at a premium — condominiums, studio apartments and loft spaces come to mind. These spaces may feature an open plan that broadens the overall feel and generally makes the entire space seem greater — and one of the most common ways to achieve this goal is by incorporating a one-wall kitchen, utilizing the space efficiently and creating more room for storage or other purposes.

One way to increase the functionality of a one-wall kitchen is by adding a kitchen island or counter-height table to the design. Either of these two options can add an extra work surface to the kitchen, key for food preparation or extra seating for guests. The kitchen island will generally be the more versatile of the two options, as it can often also incorporate drawers, cabinets or shelving for extra storage. Adding a larger island, especially if it features a sink or stove, can effectively transform a one-wall kitchen design into a galley kitchen design. This creates even more efficiency by replicating the "work triangle" that's so coveted in kitchens, featuring easily interworking spaces for the stove, sink and refrigerator.

If the one-wall kitchen design you're considering allows for it, consider maintaining space between the various work triangle elements of your kitchen. This way, you'll have room for food preparation or other tasks, as well as any "task overlap."

One space-saving suggestion for a one-wall kitchen design is to consider featuring open shelves. Leaving doors off of cabinets can create a more spacious, breathable kitchen design, an element that will be particularly important for the tight quarters of a one-wall kitchen.

Another great addition to a one-wall kitchen is a table that does double duty as a work surface and dining area. A table with the right height — and flexibility in terms of number of seats — can function as a food prep area, a kitchen table, and a dining room table.

Lastly, consider adding some design and decor flourishes to liven up your one-wall kitchen design. Backsplashes in mosaic or other colorful tile designs can be effective and, because of the small space, relatively inexpensive. Pops of color can be added via countertop accessories, curtains or seat cushions to create a welcoming and lively one-wall kitchen design.

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