Make a Kid's Ladybug Costume for Halloween

A handmade tulle tutu, basic red sweatshirt and felt are all you need to craft this cute ladybug costume complete with a personalized leafy trick-or-treat tote bag.

Make a Kid's Ladybug Costume for Halloween

Make a Kid's Ladybug Costume for Halloween

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Materials Needed:

  • red sweatshirt or hoodie
  • 1/4 yard black felt
  • 4 yards red tulle
  • 2 yards black tulle
  • 1"-wide black elastic band
  • 1 yard black ribbon
  • piece of stiff green felt
  • green felt quarters: 1 light, 1 medium and 1 dark
  • sewing tape measure
  • ruler
  • chalk pencil
  • pins
  • black all-purpose cotton thread
  • green all-purpose cotton thread
  • fabric glue
  • black permanent marker
  • black headband
  • 2 black pipe cleaners
  • scissors
  • sewing machine

Cut and Sew Spots

Prewash sweatshirt. Trace around a circular object, such as a lid, soup can or drinking glass, with chalk pencil onto black felt (Image 1). Use sharp scissors to cut out spots (Image 2). Pin spots randomly onto front and back of sweatshirt (Image 3). Sew around perimeter of each spot to secure then remove pins and trim threads.

Make Tutu Waistband

Measure child's waist then transfer that measurement to black elastic band (Image 1). Mark with a pencil then cut band at marked line. Cut two 20-inch pieces of black ribbon then fold one ribbon over each end of elastic band (Image 2). Pin to secure then sew (Image 3).

Cut Tulle and Sew Reversible Tutu

Cut red tulle with sharp scissors into pieces that are approximately 10 inches long. Measurement can be shortened for smaller children or lengthened for older. Next, cut black tulle into 8-inch lengths. Tip: Tulle is very thin and can be layered when cutting to save time. Line up eight layers of red tulle and two layers of black. Ruffle layers gently with fingers and sew directly to bottom of elastic band. Repeat until all tulle is sewn to elastic band. Note: Tutu is reversible and can be worn with black layer on top or underneath.

Cut Tulle and Sew Reversible Tutu

Cut Tulle and Sew Reversible Tutu

Create Antennae

Wrap one end of a black pipe cleaner around headband and twist to secure. Repeat with second pipe cleaner and slide each to appropriate position for antennae (Image 1). Curl top ends around fingertip (Image 2). Pair costume elements with black tights or leggings and black or red shoes.

Make Leaf Trick-or-Treat Bag

Fold piece of stiff green felt in half width-wise (Image 1). Cut a curve into both upper corners (Image 2). Tip: A soup can makes a good template for the curved edge. With a pencil, draw a handle centered width-wise on bag, about one inch down from top edge (Image 3). Tip: A macaroni-and-cheese box is a nice size to trace for handle. Cut out one handle, then trace onto second layer of fabric and cut second handle (Image 4). Sew both sides of bag together, using fold as the bottom and keeping the top open to make a simple tote bag (Image 5).

Embellish Leaf Bag

With sharp scissors, cut pointed leaf shapes out of three different shades of felt to cover one or both sides of bag (Image 1). Arrange felt leaves in rows, alternating colors, overlapping leaf points. Cut a strip of dark green felt 1/2" thick and as wide as bag. Dry-fit all pieces to ensure the desired look is achieved (Image 2). Remove all pieces from the bag; starting at bottom, apply fabric glue to leaf backs and press into place (Image 3). Continue layering leaves until bag is covered. Lastly, glue felt strip on top to create a clean top edge (Image 4). Allow glue to fully dry before use. Tip: If you wish, you can further embellish the bag with glitter, permanent markers or fabric flowers.

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