Exterior Front Photos: HGTV Green Home 2010

The three-story home, inspired by the design of centuries-old, shingle-style cottages, features an observation tower; BodyGuard® exterior wood trim produced from trees grown in managed, sustainable forests; a reclaimed New England fieldstone chimney; and a front porch with coated copper metal roof.

Large native canopy trees – including Pitch Pine, Pin Oaks and Sugar Maples — were transplanted from other development sites within The Pinehills to the HGTV Green Home property to lend the yard a sense of permanence.

The third-floor observation tower is equipped with nine solar panels that are set on a grid-tie system which feeds excess power back to the power grid. Energy Star-rated shingles by CertainTeed were chosen to cover roof surfaces where coated copper was not required.

A covered porch with MDF deck provides a spot to relax and enjoy the common green area. Landscaped beds feature drought-tolerant and native plants and shrubbery, supported by a drip-irrigation system.

Walkways, lined with permeable pavers, allow rain water to seep back into the ground and feed Plymouth’s aquifer rather than running to the storm-water system.

The winner of HGTV Green Home 2010 will receive the GMC Terrain, which features full-efficient performance, a rear vision camera, a programmable power rear liftgate, a standard USP port, available Bluetooth connectivity and GMC's 100,000 mile/5-year Powertrain Limited Warranty.

To create the feel of a traditional New England cottage garden, landscape designer Bill Wennerberg incorporated native plants and shrubs, including holly, chokeberry, inkberry and high bush blueberry, and fragrant plants, including dwarf flowering shrub rose and dwarf lilac.