HGTV Green Home 2008: Backyard and Fire Pit

HGTV's 2008 Green Home boasts inviting backyard spaces that make use of local resources, native drought-tolerant plants, a natural irrigation system and sustainable landscaping practices.

Fire Pit and Backyard Seating Area

One of the Green Home's most unique features is the fire pit. Located off the north veranda, this gathering space features six Adirondack chairs and a replica of a 19th century syrup kettle made by local artisans. Like the syrup kettle, most of the materials used to construct the house were manufactured or harvested within 500 miles of the site. This reduces transportation costs and associated greenhouse gases, while encouraging a healthy local economy.

Lagoon View and Garden

The backyard offers beautiful waterfront views. While enjoying the view from the putting green, you can also see the herb and vegetable garden, which is watered by Tradition's neighborhood irrigation system. This system collects storm water, recycling it for irrigation, while the home's rain-sensing irrigation system restricts how much it waters during wet weather.

Native Flora and Fauna

The Green Home garden boasts a variety of native and drought-tolerant plants, reducing the need for irrigation and fertilization. Birdhouses and flowering plants encourage birds and butterflies to visit.

Low-Maintenance Lawns

The putting green is one of two grassy areas in the landscape. It gives children room to play while eliminating the need for a fossil-fuel-powered lawn mower. These lawn areas are small enough to mow with an old-fashioned push mower.