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HGTV Green Home 2008: Sunny Guest Bedroom

It may be the Green Home, but yellow is the key word in this upstairs guest bedroom. Large windows let in plenty of sunlight but are specially made to reduce excess glare as well as energy loss.

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Bright, Sunny Guest Room

The guest bedroom is a bright sunny space, with its rich yellow walls, floral fabrics and cheerful bird painting. While it is designed for guests, interior designer Linda Woodrum also considers it suitable for a girl from kindergarten to high school. "This room started with the yellow," says Linda. "Then I found the brown-and-white duvet and it went from there."

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Flower Motif Lamps

Linda used lamps with a recycled papier-mache base in a flower motif and a blown-glass finial. They rest on simple bedside tables topped with mirrored glass, which reflect the golden walls and ceiling.

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Energy-Efficient Windows

Simple white curtains over rattan blinds let in as much – or as little – light as guests want, making this a cozy escape or a cheerful retreat. The large windows are among the most energy-efficient on the market. They reduce the amount of glare and heat gain through high-performance glass and are surrounded with additional flashing to help prevent moisture problems.

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Retro Chair

The chair in the corner has a retro look, which is heightened by the fern-leaf pattern on the seat. "I didn't want to fill the space up with a bulky chair," says Linda. "Green spaces use fewer pieces of high-quality furniture and that's what I wanted to show in this room."

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