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Alison Victoria Turns a Massive Commercial Warehouse into Her Parisian-Style Dream Home

August 09, 2023

Step inside Alison Victoria's $1.2 million dollar masterpiece with French sensibilities. The renovated industrial warehouse project is the Windy City Rehab host's most ambitious undertaking yet.

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Alison's American-in-Paris Aesthetic

When the lease to her Chicago apartment was up without the option to renew, Windy City Rehab designer Alison Victoria found herself in a precarious position. Just when she thought it might be time to pack up and leave town, the answer to her dilemma came by way of a 6,250-square-foot warehouse she used as an office for her design business. Built in 1927, the commercial space's sweeping 16-foot ceilings and vast rooms were the perfect blank canvas for a one-of-a-kind, Parisian-inspired home-office hybrid for Alison to take clients by day and live her best life by night. "The goal is never having to leave home," she says.

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Making it Work

But getting to the dream was no easy feat: Alison spent 10 months living out of luggage and making high-stakes decisions to get this $1.2 million dollar renovation across the finish line. With all the hard work and uncertainty behind her, feast your eyes on her Francophile-approved work of art. One look at this old-world, European courtyard and it's clear: This arduous remodel, captured in Windy City Rehab: Alison's Dream Home, was well worth the stress. Antique chairs sourced from a restaurant in Paris coordinate with custom planter boxes holding 8-foot-tall olive trees. Original bowstring trusses bring the eye upward for more historic charm.

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A Senti-Mantel Piece

When she decided to put her Atlanta loft on the market to help fund this seven-figure renovation, Alison knew she couldn't leave behind this opulent "McMantel" that adds grandiose structure to the cozy ambiance of her new family room.

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A Stone Muse

This marble sink is a dream fulfilled for the longtime designer. Antique, earthy veining prompts memories of worn cafe tables along cobblestone streets and also takes form in floating shelves, a waterfall edge island and a cabinet niche crafted from the sumptuous slab.

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