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'Ugliest House in America' Season 4: See the Shocking Makeover

From disco don't to stunning home, Alison Victoria worked her magic in this once-hideous abode.

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The Ugliest House in America

During Season 4 of Ugliest House in America, actress, comedian and HGTV host Retta traveled from sea to shining sea in search of the ugliest house in the United States. After touring the 15 funkiest houses she could find, she crowned one the ugliest of them all and enlisted Windy City Rehab's Alison Victoria to spruce it up with a $150,000 renovation.

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The Lucky Winners

In Boulder City, Nevada — home of the Hoover Dam — Stephanie and Sean bought a geodesic dome home. The 2,474-square-foot home is designed out of interlocking triangles and takes on an igloo-esque appearance. It's the only home of its kind in the Boulder City area, which is part of what drew Stephanie and Sean to it in the first place. "Anything weird or different is our vibe," Stephanie said. As much as they loved their home, they admitted it needed some love. Retta agreed: Out of the five finalists, Sephanie and Sean's home boasted the perfect combination of ugly appearance, poor function and unsettling surprise.

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Coming Up With a Plan

Sean and Stephanie often jokingly likened their house to a swingers' home or a '70s brothel — and from the moment Alison stepped inside the Disco Dome Home, she understood why. The penny-encrusted crown molding, mish-mashed flooring and overwhelming rock wall had to go.

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The Disco Dome

The original version of the Disco Dome Home boasted a white exterior, and though it reflected the sun's rays to help keep the interior cool, it also gave the home an igloo-esque appearance in an extremely hot climate. So, Alison swapped out the bright white roof for a gray one and added flowers and a few trees to the yard.

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