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Windy City Rehab: The Lincoln Park Fourplex

Chicago designer and home renovation expert Alison Victoria, and her contractor/partner Donovan Eckhardt, get four times what they bargained for when they undertake the rehab of a vintage Chicago townhouse that had been converted into four separate apartment units.

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The Lincoln Park Fourplex

This home in the upscale Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago was built in 1893 as a single-family home but later converted into four apartment units. Alison and her partner Donovan opted to maintain the building as four separate rental apartments with hopes of selling the building. The newly renovated exterior now features a refinished entry with stylish black arch, black framed windows, exterior sconces, window boxes and new landscaping. 

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Almighty Alison

Chicago native Alison Victoria takes big risks for high stakes as she rehabs and flips vintage properties in the city's historic neighborhoods. But she utilizes creative design strategies and an upscale approach to help ensure that the homes she restores will entice high-end buyers. "We're selling sophisticated living," she says. "It's on our brand.”

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Apartment 1, Before

The lower-front apartment, prior to the renovation, featured high ceilings and a main living area that opens onto the kitchen through an arched opening. The existing kitchen is badly dated but fairly spacious, with a powder room off the left side.

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Apartment 1, After

The remodeled space is opened up and designed to maximize space. All of the units get red oak flooring, similar to what was originally in the home. 

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