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A Stylish (and Functional!) Renovation for Melissa McCarthy’s Aunt and Uncle

April 20, 2020

Melissa McCarthy heads to Chicago to give back to her aunt and uncle. With the help of her cousin Jenna and the Property Brothers, Melissa creates an upstairs retreat where her aunt can cook and entertain, and a downstairs man cave equipped with all the comforts her uncle deserves.

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Melissa McCarthy's Heroes

Jim and Connie are retired police officers who have been married for 35 years. They also happen to be Melissa McCarthy’s aunt and uncle, as well as her heroes. After spending their entire careers serving their community, Melissa figured it was time she gave back to them. “Getting the chance to do this for my aunt Connie and uncle Jim is so amazing,” said Melissa. “They’re two of just the kindest people and they don’t put themselves first.” With the help of the Property Brothers and Jim and Connie’s daughter Jenna, Melissa surprised her aunt and uncle with a gorgeous first floor renovation of their Chicago, Illinois, home.

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The Construction Cousins

With only three weeks to renovate a living room, dining room, kitchen and den, Jonathan and Drew Scott needed all the help they could get. Lucky for them, Melissa and her cousin Jenna are far from newbies when it comes to home renovation. “I compulsively knock down houses,” Melissa said.

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The Kitchen, Before

As with many older homes, Jim and Connie’s kitchen was closed off from the rest of the living space, making it less than ideal for a couple who loves to entertain their large Irish family. From dated cabinetry and green tiled floor to limited counterspace and an island on wheels, though well-maintained, this kitchen wasn’t very inviting or functional.

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Limbo Break

Melissa was eager to take out the wall that separated the kitchen from the living and dining spaces. “Going at a wall with a sledgehammer is beyond cathartic,” she said. Once “the peach beast” was out of the way, the Construction Cousins and Property Brothers celebrated the newly open space by limboing. Next up: saying goodbye to the green tile and carpeting.

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