9 Tiny Gifts for the Tiny House Lover in Your Life

Struggling to find a present for your tiny house-obsessed friend or family member this holiday season? (Or looking for something for yourself?) We’ve got you covered. From tools to trees, these gifts come packed with style for all who appreciate the little things.

By: Megan Daley and Jessica Galliart
Show: Tiny Luxury
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Adorable Wall Art

Know someone who dreams of the simplicity of tiny house living? No one will question what their aspirations are after hanging up this super thoughtful gift. (Plus, it’s adorable!). $21.30; Etsy

Little Grill

A mini portable grill is ideal for someone looking forward to life on the road—without having to give up delicious luxuries like grilled meats and veggies. $29.99; Amazon

Tiny Gardening Tools

While these might not be of much use in a larger garden, the size of these tools is perfect for a tiny one. Here's to growing your little garden with pride! $3.79; Amazon

Smartphone Projector

Although a dream flat screen TV is probably out of the question for tiny house hunters, that doesn't necessarily mean giving up on Netflix and chill nights. This smartphone projector is a great gift for those limited in space but not in binge-watching aspirations. $28; Urban Outfitters

Mini Tree

What would the holidays be without a tree? Help friends who are tight on space celebrate the holiday season with cheer. $16.98; Home Depot

Mini Masterpieces

Tiny house living doesn't have to mean sacrificing a love for art. These miniature artworks modeled after the likes of Van Gogh, Matisse and more come with frames ideal for someone with tight wall or counter space. $15; Etsy

Keychain Terrarium

Why leave your plants lonesome at home when you can carry them with you? These tiny succulents require very little care but will bring plenty of smiles to your giftee's day. $5.99; Boo-Boo Plant

Tiny Package

Since watching someone unwrap a gift is one of the best parts of gifting, why not go all the way with these tiny packages? Select an object, like a tiny airplane or tiny light bulb, pair it with a custom message and have it specially tiny-wrapped and delivered to your giftee. $11; Leafcutter Designs

Wine Cork Succulent Planters

These are not only adorable but also the perfect gift for those who aspire to have a garden someday but can't quite take the leap. These tiny planters come with magnets for storing on the fridge or any magnetic surface. $18.50 (set of three); Etsy

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