Create a Fab Zen Gym in the Privacy of Your Own Home

Instead of wasting precious space on a dining room that hardly ever gets used, why not convert that enviable space into a useful zen gym you can really get use out of?

Working It Out

It's no secret that exercise is crucial, but consistently going to the gym isn't always realistic. And while most people don't think they have the space or money for a home gym, it may actually be within your reach. We'll show you how a few changes in your dining space can give you the home gym of your dreams.

Something Soft Underfoot

Once you clear out the dining table and chairs, the first step is to lay down a rubber tile floor. This is especially crucial if you have hardwood floors. It's inexpensive and easy to install, and trust us, your body will thank you.

A Case for Baskets

A wire basket provides a great place to store yoga mats, weights, exercise bands and more. And since you can always see what's in the basket, you'll always know exactly what's available to you.

Bring in Life

Hanging plants are welcome decor as they don't take up any floor space, and they also aid in purifying the air. Plus, let's face it. They're pretty, and this is a zen gym after all!

Mirror, Mirror

There's no reason to cover every wall with mirrors, but a couple of modular floor mirrors will help you see your progress and make sure you are executing every workout.

Borrowed From Ballerinas

Great for toning and firming your muscles, a ballet barre is easy to install and definitely budget friendly. Plus, it takes up very little space and is much more attractive than other bulkier equipment. Find out how you can install a DIY ballet barre here.

Choose Versatility

A clothing rack is an easy option for hanging workout clothes and even some equipment. Bonus? It doubles as a coat rack when guests come over!

Basic Bench

We also suggest a simple, attractive workout bench as a sleek (and much cheaper) alternative to space-hogging machines.

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