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Turn an Unused Dining Room Into a Glam Home Office

Space is at a premium, so why waste it on a barely-used dining room? Follow our tips for turning your sad dining space into a useful home office with a glamorous vibe. 

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Dining Room No More

These days, having a room completely dedicated to entertaining is rarely practical. Space is tight, and customization is king. See how this former dining room became a stylish and practical home office, and find out how easy it is to convert your own dining space.

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From Table to Desk

To copy the look, the most beneficial step is to swap out your barely-used dining table for a work-friendly desk. If you're planning to work from home often, a comfy desk chair is a must.

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Easy Organization

A midcentury modern credenza adds style plus much-needed storage. Oversized plants are a great way to bring life into any space.

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Cluttered Office, Cluttered Mind

Throughout the room, decor is minimal to keep clutter at bay. Every knickknack or piece of art should serve a purpose (even if that is just to make you happy). You want your workspace to feel organized and stress free.

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