Here's How to Get Creative With Leanne Ford's Formica Collection

Leanne Ford and Formica are making laminate cool again with the release of The Formica Brand Capsule Collection—a timeless line of surfacing products hand-selected by Leanne.

Photo By: Formica Corporation

Photo By: Formica Corporation

Photo By: Formica Corporation

Photo By: Formica Corporation

Photo By: Formica Corporation

Photo By: Formica Corporation

Photo By: Formica Corporation

Photo By: Formica Corporation

The Collection

Between filming episodes of HGTV’s "Restored by the Fords" and designing Lana Del Rey’s newest home, it’s hard to believe HGTV star and designer Leanne Ford has time for any other endeavors, but alas, she does.

Her 14-piece collection with Formica includes four new laminate patterns and 10 of her favorites from the company’s specialty lines.

"I wanted to hone in on the products that represented my style," Leanne—who describes her aesthetic as warm, easy and minimalistic—tells

The result is an affordable, yet high-style collection that boasts natural patterns, clean metals, deco styles and neutral colors—which, according to Leanne, is the key to timeless design.

Read on for our favorites from the collection and all the surprising ways you can style, mix and match them.

Brushed Bronzetone Aluminum

Subtle brush strokes give this art deco inspired surface covering a unique twist. Used here to spice up a coffee table, Leanne also suggests trying out this metal look laminate on cabinet fronts. "The world is your oyster with these designs," she says.

Pietra Grafite + White Knotty Maple

This au naturel pairing—Pietra Grafite on the island and White Knotty Maple on the cabinets—has us dreaming of the outdoors. Two words: Layering goals.

Nero Marquina

The shining star of this collection, Nero Marquina—pictured above on the desk’s countertop—is a marble look laminate that will luxe-up countertops and coffee tables. This strong black design garnered inspiration from marble found in northern Spain and pairs well with whites and blacks.

"You can play with it in different styles and shapes that you can’t with marble because of budget or space or weight," Leanne tells

White Painted Wood

Lovers of white, rejoice! This white painted woodgrain pattern is simple but sleek. Here, it compliments white painted brick and open shelving. We’re picking up farmhouse vibes with this one, and we love it.

Brushed Black Aluminum + Nero Marquina

Paired here with Nero Marquina, Brushed Black Aluminum (seen on the cabinets) embodies the simplicity of decorating with solid colors. This noir-inspired, graphite metallic creates clean lines and represents Leanne’s tendency towards black. "It lives longer than what’s currently happening in the trends of design," she says.

Black ChalkAble

Leanne really gets us because she included a solid black chalkboard covering—from Formica’s Writable Surfaces line—in the new collection. What’s better than a matte black wall covering? A matte black wall covering you can write on, obviously.

Grey Thunder Crocodile

As a glossy, crocodile texture, Grey Thunder adds a touch of sophistication to living rooms, offices or bedrooms.

Above all, Leanne chose styles based on what she uses in her own designs—and we’re gladly taking her advice. "The best way to design a home you love is ignore what’s going on outside," she explains. "It’s really a matter of what you’re drawn to."

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