Everything You Need to Know About Leanne Ford and Her Uber Cool Design Style

Disco balls, overalls and the coolest interior designs ever (see what we did there?). Need we say more?

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October 18, 2019
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Photo By: Tessa Neustadt

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Photo By: Reid Rolls

Photo By: Reid Rolls

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Photo By: Heather Mull

She Works With her Brother on HGTV’s 'Restored by the Fords'

Together, she and Steve Ford restore older homes in the Pittsburgh area. She’s known for creating unique interiors — her style is often described as “modern yet lived-in” — while Steve, a licensed contractor, helps bring his sister’s design visions to fruition.

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Her Designs are Minimalistic With a Twist

In an interview with HGTV.com back in January 2019, Leanne described her aesthetic as, “warm, easy and minimalistic.” We agree, and totally heart them all.

Natural Look Materials Are Her Go-To

So much so, that she launched a Capsule Collection with Formica. The 14-piece laminate line features surfacing products handpicked by Leanne. Styles range from Brushed Black Aluminum to marble look Nero Marquina.

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She’s Married to Clothing Designer Erik Allen Ford

Yep, he took her last name — and they’re totally #CoupleGoals. He’s the designer and co-founder of Buck Mason, a sleek men’s fashion line based in Los Angeles. Fun fact: Leanne loves wearing Buck Mason t-shirts.

They Tied the Knot in NYC

It was a surprise wedding — even to them! Leanne and Erik were staying in the Bowery Hotel in downtown Manhattan for a work trip when, spur of the moment, they decided to get married. "We called our families on Wednesday and asked them to be there by Sunday. Eric found a tux, and I had a vintage dress I'd bought years ago mailed to me. There were 18 of us, and it was perfect, " Leanne told HGTV Magazine. The wedding took place in the basement of the Bowery.

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They Recently Welcomed a Baby Girl

Her name is Ever, and she’s just as cute as her parents! "She is a dream," Leanne told HGTV right after Ever was born in March 2019.

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She Decorated Ever’s Nursery With Love Letters

Of course, Ever has the coolest nursery ever. The aesthetic is a combination of vintage decor and sweet personal touches. And in true Leanne Ford fashion, she created a makeshift mobile out of love letters passed between her and Erik over the years.

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She's a Pittsburgh Native

And has some serious Pittsburgh pride. Her show is based there!

She Also Calls Los Angeles Home

She recently moved out of her Echo Park home — a renovated (by Leanne, of course), 1906 cottage. However, her and her family still reside in Los Angeles.

Tour her old cottage: Leanne Ford's Restored 1906 Cottage in LA's Echo Park

Lana Del Rey Moved Into Leanne’s Old Cottage

That’s right, Lana loved Leanne’s old-school cottage so much, she decided to buy it when it Leanne put it on the market.

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She's Insanely Creative

One of the coolest things about Leanne’s aesthetic — and there’s a lot to choose from — is her out-of-the-box approach to design. See the fireplace above? She hauled those stones in from the front yard and constructed a one-of-a-kind setting for that midcentury gas fireplace. So dreamy.

Her Approach to Design Mimics Photography

“It's all about context, and playing with color, proportions, texture and sizes,” she tells HGTV.com. “I design a room with a photograph in mind. For instance, when you walk into a bathroom you don't want to see a toilet, you want to see a beautiful tub or sink!”

Speaking of, Her Claim to Fame Was a Bathroom

A dreamy one, of course. Before it became a Leanne-Ford-famous bathroom it was a tiny, drab powder room in the attic of an old schoolhouse 30 minutes outside of Pittsburgh.

She Writes About It In Her Book

That’s right. Leanne and Steve surprisingly had time to write a book together. In A Work In Progress, released October 29, the siblings open up about their path to HGTV stardom and how they turned dreams into reality.

BUY IT: Barnes and Noble, $27

Leanne Likes White

Take one look around her Echo Park cottage and you’ll get it. Lots of white! But Leanne knows how to keep all-white designs cozy. Her favorite white paint shade? Pure White by PPG.

“There’s no tint to it," she told HGTV.com in a recent interview. "It’s super clean, super modern and works with any style. It makes me so happy."

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Oh, and She Loves Black

When it comes to design, Leanne thinks of black as a neutral. Plus, she believes — especially, for people who may be nervous about color or redecorating — it’s hard to go wrong with black (or white). “Stick to your color story and you’ll be just fine,” she says.

When She Uses Actual Colors, It’s These

Leanne recently launched a paint collection with PPG, and it showcases all her favorite hues. Tones in the collection range from cozy shades of pink to deeper greens and blues. PSA: We’ve seen it up close. It’s chic.

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She's Drawn to "Effortless" Hues

When asked to describe her new PPG collection with one word, her answer was immediate: effortless. "Effortless and easy — everything I believe interior design should be," she says.

She Once Decorated Steve’s Apartment With a Disco Ball

And she apparently loves a good dance party. Of her pregnancy in February 2019, Leanne told HGTV.com, “[The baby]’s all disco and dance party all the time. Just like her momma.”

Cool Light Fixtures Make Her Happy

More specifically, oversized light fixtures. “Did I ever tell you how much I LOVE oversized lighting?” she wrote in an Instagram post on November 25, 2018.

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She Even Launched a Lighting Line With Target

“Lighting is everything,” Leanne said right after the launch in January 2019. “It's one of the most important elements in a space, if not the most important. And if you pick the right piece, it doubles as a work of art.”

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She Got Her Start In Fashion

Before Leanne got into interior design, she was a stylist and creative director. “It's really the same side of your brain, putting looks and shoots and now houses and rooms together,” she says.

Fans Describe Her Personal Style as "Construction Chic"

A while back, Leanne put up an Instagram poll asking her followers to weigh in on how to best describe her personal clothing style. The winning choice? Construction chic. “I’ll take it!” she tells HGTV.com.

There Isn't a Pair of Overalls That Don't Look Good on Her

On par with her whole “construction chic” aesthetic, Leanne knows how to rock a pair (okay, many pairs) of overalls. “They're easy and (kind of) cool!” Leanne tells HGTV.com.

She Helped Renovate the Brady Bunch Home

She and Steve got together with Christopher Knight (Peter) and Eve Plumb (Jan) and recreated the retro Brady kitchen and adjacent family room. The results were super accurate.

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She Was on the Cover of HGTV Magazine

With Steve! Together, they posed for the June 2019 issue. Leanne was, of course, wearing her signature overalls, and the pair wasn’t afraid to get a little (non-toxic) paint on their clothes during the photo shoot.

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Her Record Number of Projects: Eight

In a video interview with People, Leanne revealed she once worked on eight restoration projects at once — including her own house.

Playing Favorites Isn’t Her Thing

When asked about her favorite design to-date Leanne revealed it’s whichever one she’s working on at the moment.

Her Biggest Paint Mistake Involved the Color Purple

Luckily, the mishap was in her own home. “I’d picked a dark blue blackish color, and I painted all four walls and the ceiling without putting a single swatch anywhere,” she told HGTV Magazine in June 2019. “I was just so excited to get going. It pretty much dried purple, so I had to start that job all over again.”

She Follows Her Own Design Intuition

"The best way to design a home you love is ignore what’s going on outside," she said to HGTV.com in January 2019. "It’s really a matter of what you’re drawn to.”

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