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The Best Living Spaces We've Seen So Far on 'Christina on the Coast'

It's all about plenty of seating and an all-around cozy vibe.

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Photo: Matt Harbicht/Getty Images

The View of All Views

While some might think that creating more than one focal point in a space is asking for trouble, Christina proves that it can look downright inviting. Here, she paired a big-screen TV over top a fireplace, all in front of large windows leading to an outdoor living space. With so much to look at, these homeowners' guests are sure to want to sit and stay awhile.

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Photo: Matt Harbicht/Getty Images

A Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Living spaces don't only have to exist indoors. Here, Christina utilized modern wicker furniture to create the ultimate outdoor lounge spot.

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A Cozy Compact Living Space

While sprawling layouts make for impressive living spaces, Christina knows how to make the most of more compact areas of the home, too. In this living space, she uses bright white paint on the walls to help expand the appearance of the space, while opting for a double focal point that doesn't force the homeowners to choose between a fireplace or a TV.

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Photo: Gilles Mingasson/Getty Images

Speaking of ... A Sprawling Living Space

When working with a more open floor plan, Christina likes to extend the living space throughout the home. In this case, she chose a large sectional sofa and two barrel chairs situated on the far end of the space, giving seated guests viewpoints of not only the TV and fireplace, but the kitchen, dining area and outdoor living space, too.

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