Jasmine Roth Rescues Homeowners in Dire Need of Design Help in New HGTV Series

Jasmine Roth is back, this time with an all-new series: Help! I Wrecked My House. In the new show, Jasmine works with homeowners to fix their DIY disasters and transform their spaces (with her signature style, of course). Before the premiere, we’re giving you a sneak peek at some of the gorgeous renovations from Season One.

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson

Photo By: Gilles Mingasson

Before: The Kelly Kitchen

Homeowners Jess and Rich have a baby expected in just four weeks (!), giving Jasmine limited time to get their house in order. The focus of the renovation: the cramped and cluttered kitchen. From the wonky garbage disposal to limited counter space, this space was less than practical.

After: The Kelly Kitchen

By knocking out a wall, Jasmine created a truly functional kitchen. The addition of an island means the family will have even more space to prepare food, but this custom piece holds a special surprise: if you open the side, you’ll find shelving for bottles and other baby necessities.

Before: The Kelly Dining Room

Have you ever seen Jasmine add a wall? But this time, she did it with good reason: the home was one earthquake away from incurring serious damage due to a faulty beam.

After: The Kelly Dining Room

Out with the anchors and in with more subtle beachy touches to match Jess and Rich’s “coastal, boho” vibe. The built-in bench is probably our favorite addition in this revamped dining area.

Before: The Kelly Nursery

With Jasmine expecting her own bundle of joy, she took special interest in creating the perfect nursery for Jess and Rich.

After: The Kelly Nursery

Rather than spend money on wallpaper for an entire wall, Jasmine made her own with just a marker and a ruler — yup, she’s that good. She used the money she saved to turn the closet into a cozy storage nook complete with a changing table.

Before: The Applegate Kitchen

Heather and Kevin managed to get pretty far with their DIY renovation — unfortunately, there weren’t many projects they managed to finish. The kitchen desperately needed a backsplash along with a few other tweaks to be fully functional.

After: The Applegate Kitchen

Luckily, back at her warehouse, Jasmine found a neutral tile that she knew would please both homeowners. The completed kitchen matched their desire for a "classic" look.

Before: The Applegate Living Room

The living room had minimal defining features and was overtaken by baby accessories and dog beds.

After: The Applegate Living Room

When it comes to custom, no one does it like Jasmine. She worked with her cabinet maker to create an entertainment center specifically with the family — and their pups — in mind. (Yes, those are special cubbies just for the dogs and we can’t handle the cuteness.)

Before: The Applegate Bathroom

The main bathroom proved to be the biggest challenge for Jasmine and her crew. After finding major plumbing issues, the entire room needed an overhaul before anything could be installed.

After: The Applegate Bathroom

This is what dreams are made of: a walk-in shower and a gorgeous tub ideal for soaking after a long day. And surprise: the tub comes with pop-out storage on the side for towels, magazines and (probably) snacks.

The custom mural above the tub is the cherry on top of an already incredible space.

Before: The Applegate Backyard

The fence in the backyard was weighed down by overgrown vines, making it an unsafe area for the homeowners and their young child.

After: The Applegate Backyard

Now, the backyard is the ultimate play space for Heather, Kevin and all their family and friends.

After: The Applegate Backyard

Okay, we’ll admit it: we’re jealous of the homeowners. This little bowling alley would be so much fun!

Before: The Clarke Kitchen

Homeowners Ozzie and Lauren both work full-time and couldn’t commit to such a major renovation. The list of to-dos was a mile long, quickly overwhelming their family of four. For every project that was started (spotted: the holes in the walls), there were two more waiting in the wings.

After: The Clarke Kitchen

Jasmine made both homeowners happy with her take on a farmhouse-style kitchen with just a hint of industrial flare. (Do you spy the custom hood?) She even tracked down a vintage door that blended well into her design.

Before: The Clarke Living Room

Ozzie and Lauren were at a loss as to how to transform their living room. The dark ceiling made the entire room gloomy, and the massive fireplace in the corner felt like a big question mark.

After: The Clarke Living Room

Jasmine’s goal for this room was to take it from cabin vibes to coastal chic. She lightened up the ceiling with a fresh coat of white paint and added pops of neutral colors throughout. The biggest transformation was the fireplace, which went from a brick behemoth to a smooth statement piece.

Before: The Clarke Backyard

The backyard was virtually unusable for this young family. Old electrical sockets, rocks and other potentially dangerous objects covered the grounds, making it difficult to walk let alone play.

After: The Clarke Backyard

The pool now has some competition for the best part of the backyard. Jasmine ditched the rocks surrounding the pool and added fresh landscaping, breathing new life into the space. And bring on the family movie nights: the newly installed screen behind the pergola is something every house on the block will want.

After: The Clarke Backyard

Plus, she planted a garden, which the family will be able to use for years to come.

After: The Clarke Backyard

Jasmine crafted the outdoor swing out of fire hoses in honor of Ozzie, who is a firefighter. (This is the most heartwarming reveal yet!)

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