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Renovation Island: Paradise Regained

August 16, 2020

It's down to the wire for the opening of the restored Caerula Mar resort. Bryan and Sarah Baeumler take a breath and reflect on the months of hard work that have gone into this moment — and take a pause to admire some of the results of their hard-fought efforts.

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It's All Been Leading to This

The entire crew rushes to meet their deadlines as Sarah and Bryan finish up some of their last projects and add some final touches. It's all part of the final preparations for Caerula Mar's grand opening and the welcoming of guests. "We're entering the revenue phase," adds Bryan, "so it really seems like this 'baby' that we've nurtured and cared for, and put a lot of work into, is now grown up."

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Welcome to Caerula Mar

The front entrance has been repaired and restored, and now features the resort's newly designed logo.

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The Core Corridor

The main hotel block, at the heart of the beachfront property, has presented some of the biggest challenges in the overall restoration, but the project is now close to complete.

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I Know It's In There

According to Michelangelo, every block of stone has a statue inside it; It is the task of the sculptor to discover it. In this case, though, Bryan and Adam just break out the heavy demo tools and will be content to get this concrete column removed from the premises before guests arrive.

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