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Snoop Dogg Surprises His Business Partner With an At-Home Office and Entertaining Space

Commish has spent more than 17 years humbly giving back to families in his community, but now it's time for his own home office to shine. Friend, business partner and legendary artist Snoop Dogg swoops in to turn Commish's blank-canvas space into a luxurious, multi-purpose retreat during season 3 of HGTV's Celebrity IOU.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

Delivering a Special Space For a Special Football League Commissioner

Legendary artist Snoop Dogg has spent nearly two decades giving back to the Compton, California, community. His Snoop Youth Football League has transformed the lives of area families, but he credits his league commissioner, who he nicknamed Commish, for bringing his vision to life. His dedication to the league is what helped the program succeed. "Commish took the football league to a whole new level. He’s graced so many kids and families and serves as a family figure to many,” praised Snoop Dogg. “It’s time he gets what he deserves. We share a vision for this community and know that [the league] has helped families to bond."

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

Creativity Flourishes When the Property Brothers Partner with Snoop Dogg

To give back to his valued business partner, Snoop partners with Property Brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott. Together, they will transform Commish’s detached garage into a multi-purpose office and entertaining space that can be used for meetings with families of players and program sponsors. “He inspires a lot of people, so I wanted to give him something that he can be inspired by.”

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

The Garage Exterior, Before

A detached garage in the backyard of Commish’s home was under-utilized. Snoop proposed that it would be the perfect dedicated space for a new office and a lounge for entertaining.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic, Dennys Ilic, Dennys Ilic. From: Drew Scott and Jonathan Scott.

The Garage Exterior, After

To call this a makeover would be an understatement. Not only did the designers install new thermally modified wood siding and a black-framed entrance, but they also made substantial improvements to reinforce the structure. New underpinnings bolster the existing foundation and extra steel supports make the walls substantial, habitable and safe. The designers also needed to factor in utility infrastructure from the street to accommodate electrical and plumbing in the new office.

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