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Ali Wong Wows Her Long-Time Friend with a Memorable Home Remodel

On a mission to make her friend's home the perfect entertaining space, comedian Ali Wong takes sledgehammers and crowbars into her own hands. With the help of Drew and Jonathan Scott, she delivers a renovation that doubles the family's livable square footage.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

Ali and the Property Brothers Tackle a Huge Indoor-Outdoor Remodel

Things didn’t always come so easily for comedian Ali Wong, but her close friend Citadelle has always been there for her (and appreciated Ali's beloved brand of humor). When Ali arrived in California at the age of 18, Citadelle opened up space in her home for Ali while she went on auditions. Ali joked she ate all Citadelle's food and used her car. So years later, Ali knew it was time to give back in a big way. “Her friendship has been such a gift. She’s like a sister to me," said Ali. "I was supposed to stay there for two weeks and it ended up being a year.” Determined to update her friend’s home in a magnificent way, Ali partnered with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott. Together, they would update the entire lower-level of Citadelle’s home inside and out.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

Ali Presents Her Friend Citadelle With a New, Functional Living Area

“I had this feeling when I met Citadelle and our friends, like, I finally found my tribe,” said Ali. “Citadelle is the rock of our group of friends and the rock of her family. I hope this gives her well-deserved relief and joy. It’s the least I could do for someone who has done so much.” Together with the Property Brothers, Ali redesigns her friend’s home, transforming an under-whelming basement and backyard into a show-stopping family space.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

The Living Room, Before

The lower level of Citadelle’s house served as a makeshift work-from-home office space, but the functionality wasn’t ideal for family movie nights or for girls' night hangouts. Ali knew that this room was the hub of their home and wanted to make sure it was a place that they could continue to feel comfortable. With the designer's help, they relocated the office and worked to make the basement living room more suitable for both playing with the kids and entertaining friends.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic, Dennys Ilic, Dennys Ilic. From: Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott.

The Living Room, After

The updated living room includes midcentury accents like a large, comfortable sectional and a dark blue leather lounge chair. The bros eliminated the fireplace and hung two large-scale pieces of art in its place. Colorful art also hangs over the family’s sofa. Durable engineered hardwoods in a whitewashed finish flow throughout the basement. In the corner of the room, the shelving unit was revamped into a dry bar with a mini fridge and storage for beverages and glassware.

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