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John C. Reilly Embraces Funky With a Unique Cabin Preservation Project

May 24, 2022

With the help of the Property Brothers, John C. Reilly completely restores his friend Johnny's 100-year-old cabin into a chic, 5-star personal retreat and entertaining space. Aptly named Funky Junk Farms, the space takes on vintage charm and unique flair during season 3 of Celebrity IOU.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

Giving Back to a Special Friend and Mentor

John C. Reilly and Johnny have a friendship that goes beyond their Hollywood connections. The BFFs met 20 years ago when John was looking for a vintage trailer. Instantly, they bonded like family. They share many interests, including a love for repurposed and reused items. “We love all the same things. All we do is laugh when we work together,” says Johnny. John’s quick to credit what makes his friend so special, too. “Everyone in town knows Johnny because he’s the first to help out when needed," said John, recounting an instance when Johnny mentored a friend’s nephew. “This kid needed someone. [Johnny] gave the kid’s life value and now that kid is graduating from Stanford Law. Johnny lives in a place of gratitude, and he’s the perfect person for this.” To give back, he partnered with Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott to transform a 100-year old cabin on Johnny's property into a functional space.

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Photo: Erik Voake / Getty Images

The Cabin Exterior, Before

Johnny’s cabin was originally used as a fish farm in the 1920s. Before the renovation, the log veneer was weathered and many of the boards needed to be replaced to repair the structure and seal out pests. The existing logo painted on the side held special memories for Johnny, but the team concocted a plan that would honor those memories and restore the cabin to last another hundred years (or more!).

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

John Gives Funky Junk Farms Some Flair

It’s been 30 years since Johnny’s friend originally painted the Funky Junk Farms logo on the side of his cabin, and since then it's faded. To honor the original logo, the bros arranged a special collaboration for new artwork.

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Photo: Dennys Ilic

The Cabin Exterior, After

A new sign by the original logo artist hangs proudly on the wall of the cabin. The log veneer walls were patched to repair damage. The entire exterior received a protective paint layer so that the walls looked consistent and would hold up better to the elements over time. The gray walls and blue door intentionally match the colors of Johnny’s main home so the entire property looks and feels cohesive. Above the door, John and the designers repurposed a car part to serve as an awning.

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