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Fun, Family-Focused Baking Kitchen

With the perfect mixture of task-specific and kid-friendly ingredients, the Fenech family designed their dream kitchen to accomodate their children and passion for baking.
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Multi-Purpose Counter Layout

This L-shaped counter can be used for food prep and display. In its previous state, the counter space was almost completely taken up by a sink and a free-standing range.

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Dishwashing Made Easy

A stainless steel sink has a removable grid system to help filter any large food items that could clog the drain. The one-touch technology gooseneck faucet allows one to use both hands for dishwashing; water turns on with a simple tap of the arm.

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Convenient, Hidden Trash Bin

A pull-out trash bin integrated into the base of a cabinet keeps bins for trash and recyclables within arm's reach.

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Bold, Refinished Floors

Instead of ripping out the existing wood floor, the uneven floors were leveled, sanded, then refinished in a matte, dark walnut stain.

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