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It's a Vegas-Themed Showdown! Behind the Scenes at the BVB Promo

For this season's million-dollar challenge, the stakes are higher than ever for Jonathan and Drew's latest Vegas battle. That's why this year's promo shoot was modeled after a Vegas show with magic, glitter, glitz and yes, even a few explosions. Go behind the scenes.

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Season 4: Bigger and Better, Vegas-Style

With the show set in the brothers' Vegas hometown for a second year, the stakes are higher and that means this year's promo shoot is bigger, glitzier and more magical than ever before. 

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A Grand Entrance

Jonathan enters the Vegas spectacular ready for victory, with an historic theater as a backdrop.  

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Press Tour

A TV reporter (played by this real-life reporter!) interviews the brothers as they head backstage. There's no shortage of fans ready for a selfie, either! 

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Red-Carpet Ready

The brothers pause for a photo shoot in their matching tuxedos. 

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