It's a Vegas-Themed Showdown! Behind the Scenes at the BVB Promo

For this season's million-dollar challenge, the stakes are higher than ever for Jonathan and Drew's latest Vegas battle. That's why this year's promo shoot was modeled after a Vegas show with magic, glitter, glitz and yes, even a few explosions. Go behind the scenes.

Season 4: Bigger and Better, Vegas-Style

With the show set in the brothers' Vegas hometown for a second year, the stakes are higher and that means this year's promo shoot is bigger, glitzier and more magical than ever before. 

A Grand Entrance

Jonathan enters the Vegas spectacular ready for victory, with an historic theater as a backdrop.  

Press Tour

A TV reporter (played by this real-life reporter!) interviews the brothers as they head backstage. There's no shortage of fans ready for a selfie, either! 

Red-Carpet Ready

The brothers pause for a photo shoot in their matching tuxedos. 

The Master of Ceremonies

Big brother (and digital host) JD joins the fun as the master of ceremonies for the brothers' Vegas showdown. 

Project, Project, Project

JD practices his stage voice. Send it to the back of the theater! 

Sparks Will Fly

With a little help from his pal Elvis, Drew grinds the corner of a metal post. 

Lots and Lots of Sparks

With a little help from the crew's pyrotechnics team, Drew's welding fix gets a lot more dramatic. 

The Vanishing Man

A trained illusionist, Jonathan's next trick is disappear inside this curtained booth. The secret? I'll never tell. 

A Magical Makeover

Talk about a dramatic transformation! Here, Drew starts with a dated living room...

A Magical Makeover

...and a fat Elvis...

A Magical Makeover

...and finishes with a modern space and a shiny new Elvis, too! 

Million-Dollar Drop

For their final trick, the brothers take their marks on stage...

Million-Dollar Drop

...and watch as a million dollars falls before their eyes. 

Sadly, the benjamins weren't the real thing, but the brothers are! Catch their almost-magical renovations Wednesdays at 9p | 8c for all-new episodes of Brother Vs. Brother. 

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