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How to Plan the Perfect Beach Day

Love Battle on the Beach as much as we do? Get ready to make the most of your own epic beach day with our best tips for soaking up the sun and riding the waves!

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Plan Your Perfect Beach Day

A day at the beach has the potential to be one you remember or one you regret. The difference maker? It's all in the planning. To help you make the most of your day in the sun, we've provided 10 ways to plan a perfect beach day, from what you should pack to what you should leave at home.

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Bring Along a Shady Shelter

Shade is hard to come by on the beach, meaning it's best to bring some shade with you. Popup shelters like this tent from Eddie Bauer can be a lifesaver on scorching hot summer days.

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Photo: Ashley and Gabe Rodriguez

Pack Plenty of Cold Beverages

Go overboard on the drinks when loading up the cooler. Sure, it may be a little heavier, but you’ll be thanking yourself for packing a few extra beverages.

Pro Tip: Freeze non-carbonated drinks like water and juice to keep everything cool while saving room on ice.

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Don't Skimp on Your Beach Chair

Those flimsy neon beach chairs at the gas station may tempt you with their reasonable prices, but you'll be tossing them in the trash after a couple of uses. Not to mention, their comfort level is nonexistent. Plan on investing in a quality beach chair like this well thought out option, which has integrated storage, a neck pillow, a cupholder and even backpack straps for easy transport.

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