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13 Easy Kids' Party Ideas

From tablecloths they can craft on to kid-pleasing nibbles, here are 13 clever ways to keep kids happy while you entertain.
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Fun for All

There’s no reason parents shouldn’t be able to enjoy themselves at kids’ birthday parties and vice versa. Consider these clever ideas to keep kids happy and entertained so moms and dads can do the same.

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Craft-Proof Your Tabletop

If your table runners are too nice for sticky fingers, then give little ones the materials to make their own. First, protect your tabletop with white butcher paper; then top with a roll of 12" wide brown Kraft paper. Provide kids with crayons, and let them draw while they snack. When the party is over, the runner can be cut into pieces and framed as keepsakes or favors for guests.

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Let Them Make Caterpillar Kebabs

Instead of fussing over kiddie food before the party, take the pressure off by letting the littles ones make their own culinary creations. With a little adult help, they'll love making, then eating, these caterpillar kebabs. All you’ll need are kid-friendly plastic or wooden skewers (use sandpaper to smooth the sharp ends), grapes, marshmallow fluff and mini chocolate chips. Slide grapes onto the skewer to create the caterpillar's boby, then add eyes with a dab of marshmallow fluff and mini chocolate chips.

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Interactive Map

Give the kids a lesson in geography with a world map tablecloth. Pick up a paper world map slightly wider than your table, allowing it to fall a maximum of 6 inches over on all sides. Next, supply the kids with washable markers or crayons and let them mark each place they’ve been.

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