Throw a Halloween Cupcake-Decorating Party

This not-scary theme is perfect for kids of all ages. Kids will love decorating (and eating) their own customized cupcakes, plus our free printable invites, cupcake toppers and favors will put the finishing touch on the party.

June 25, 2020

Creative (and Tasty!) Party Theme

Gather your favorite little ghoulies for a Halloween party that's all treat and no tricks. Kids of all ages will love decorating their own cupcakes with a colorful array of toppings and embellishments.

Deck Out the Space

Select a party location with easy-to-clean surfaces, like the tiled room shown here, to eliminate worries over spills. Then, create a designated work area for each child. For decorations, black and orange party decor is easy to find around Halloween; throw in a few punches of purple and lime for a playful twist on the traditional palette.

Eek! A Spider!

This cute spider pom-pom is easy to make with just a few basic craft store materials -- better yet, the kids can help. Just cut four black pipe cleaners in half, lay halves on top of each other, then twist together in the center to form the spider's legs. Hot glue a pom-pom on top for the body, then attach googly eyes with hot glue. Make several and spread them around the party, or send a spider home with each guest as a party favor.

Tempt Their Sweet Tooth

What would a cupcake-decorating party be without cupcakes? Provide pre-decorated cupcakes for kids and parents to enjoy during the party. Dress them with our printable cupcake topper designs and fully assembled cupcake wrappers (available at

Pile It On

Tiered trays allow you to double up on serving space (and goodies!). Load them up with cupcakes in assorted flavors so chocoholics and vanilla lovers alike will leave satisfied.

Tissue-Paper Decorations

We love using these inexpensive tissue-paper medallions to add color to parties. They're easy to assemble and fold back up for repeated use.

Sweet Seating

Help party guests find their seat with personalized place cards at each place setting. This stops any disagreements over who should sit where, and kids love seeing their names in print.

Prepackage Snacks

Kids love individually packaged treats. Fill gable boxes with snacks and a drink, then embellish each with a cupcake wrapper and one of our (free!) printable designs. Prepare a box for each guest and put at each place setting. Kids can enjoy their snacks while they decorate cupcakes or take them home to eat later.


It's a good idea to outfit the guests in aprons before they start decorating the cupcakes. Plain white fabric aprons can be purchased inexpensively online or at wholesale clubs like Sam's or Costco. If time allows, provide fabric paint pens or clip-on embellishments, like this striped flower, so kids can personalize them.

Time to Decorate

Hand out freshly baked cupcakes to the party guests for decorating. After their masterpieces are complete, kids can eat them or take them home in cupcake boxes to enjoy later.

Sprinkles, Eyeballs and Icing -- Oh, My!

Prepare frosting in assorted colors and place in icing bags so the kids can easily squeeze frosting onto their cupcakes. Provide toppings for the guests to choose from, such as Halloween-colored sprinkles, candy corn, marshmallows, M&M's and creepy candy, like gummy worms or candy eyeballs or bugs.

Fun for All

The little party guests had so much fun decorating -- and eating -- their cupcake creations. This party allows you to combine two of kids' favorite activities: art and eating sweets.

The Results

Gummy worms and candy eyeballs were very popular cupcake toppings for the kids -- the grosser, the better!

Favor Boxes

Small pumpkin boxes filled with candy are a perfect favor for the guests to take home after the Halloween party. Attach a printable favor tag for the perfect finishing touch.

Birthday Girl

This theme would be perfect for a birthday party, especially for kids whose birthdays fall near Halloween. A personalized shirt and pettiskirt make an adorable outfit for the birthday girl.

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