Landscape Lighting Ideas

Get inspired with photos showing how lighting can make your outdoor areas beautiful and functional.

Photo By: HEAD Productions

Multi-Dimensional Lighting

A well-lit landscape should have both functional and decorative light fixtures. In this outdoor space, wall sconces on the house provide adequate illumination for entertaining, while the garden fixtures and the lights strung through the trees bring a whimsical feel to the patio at night. Design by Robert Hursthouse

Entrance Lighting

Entrance lights serve two purposes: They provide safety and security at night and can highlight an attractive front door. Floodlights or wall-mounted fixtures are both effective options for lighting up an entryway.

Path Lighting

Walkways, paths and driveways are key areas to illuminate so you can navigate through your yard safely at night. A series of path lights shows the way and serve as a design element in this landscape.

Accent Lighting

Accent lights highlight focal points in a landscape, including architecture, trees, plants or water features. This type of light fixture can be installed at ground level and directed upward, or installed higher up and directed downward to simulate moonlight.

Security Lighting

A motion-sensor floodlight will alert you to any movement around your home, providing a sense of safety. Avoid installing floodlights that are too bright, which create deep shadows where trespassers can hide.

String Lights

An inexpensive and versatile option, string lights can be used to add ambiance to an outdoor dining or entertaining area. Lights strung around an umbrella illuminate this outdoor dining table, providing enough light to be functional while setting a relaxing mood. Design by Robert Hursthouse

Romantic Lighting

Pathway and accent lighting combine to create a romantic evening atmosphere in this landscape. The smooth cedar entry gate reveals a beautiful pergola garden that is begging to be visited. Design by Robert Hursthouse

Set a Mood

Outdoor lights have a major impact on the atmosphere of a landscape. Multiple light fixtures — installed under the pergola, in the water and throughout the trees — give this space a resort-style feel that's ideal for entertaining. Design by Paul Wrona

Pool Lighting

Pool lighting can give a landscape dramatic appeal and make swimming safer at night. Underwater lights turn this pool into a glowing focal point, while accent lights highlight the surrounding plantings. Design by Mitch Kalamian

Tranquil Ambiance

At night, this pool area comes alive with a glowing jade ambiance. The timber louvers are lit on the sides, while water flows down the face of the front. The light reflects beautifully off the pool and creates a peaceful atmosphere. Design by Jamie Durie

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