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35 Sturdy Retaining Wall Ideas for a Sloped Yard

From stacked stone to board-formed concrete and everything in between, these creative retaining wall ideas show how thoughtful design can make a dramatic impact. By turning something structural into something beautiful, retaining walls can take your property's landscape design to the next level.

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Photo: Reagen Taylor. From: Cornerstone Architects.

Retaining Walls: Sloped Yard Solution

Ah, retaining walls. For something that has so much potential to improve the look and usability of a property, these structural strongholds are often nothing more than a practical way of keeping water and dirt where they belong on a pesky slope. But, who wants a drab concrete wall next to their home? Not us! So, we've compiled 35 of our favorite retaining wall ideas that are as beautiful as they are functional.

There aren't any strict rules when it comes to retaining walls. Everything, from the size and shape to the materials you use, is totally dictated by your property's needs and your vision. From winding walls made from unique materials like corten steel, a type of steel that is designed to rust, to extraordinary designs utilizing ordinary (and wallet-friendly) landscape blocks, your only limits are your budget and imagination.

Retaining walls can be made from materials like brick, concrete, stone, steel, timber and more. Your chosen material will determine both the look and strength of your retaining wall. If you need to landscape a front yard slope, stacking terraces of timber can keep everything in its place while curating can't-miss curb appeal. Want to bolster your backyard's rolling landscape? Loosely weaving in walls of earthy rocks will lend a natural look on subtle slopes, while neatly stacking cut stone will offer a distinguished, formal appearance.

Already have a retaining wall? Don't worry — you don't have to replace your existing retaining wall to beautify your landscape. We've got some tips and tricks for overhauling unsightly retaining walls, too.

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Photo: Tomas Espinoza. From: Brian Patrick Flynn.

Landscape Block Retaining Wall

Looking for a DIY retaining wall that's as simple as it is stunning? Head to the hardware store and grab some retaining wall blocks. Whether you opt for the budget variety, which can be found for just over $1 each, or upgrade to something like the Indiana Limestone seen here, there are several options to fit any budget and style.

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Photo: design by Cameron Scott

Corten Steel Retaining Wall

Corten steel, sometimes called weathered steel, is a type of metal material that's designed to adapt to the elements, quickly developing a beautiful rusty patina. As a retention material, corten offers the strength of steel with a look that can easily blend into its surroundings. Want a flowy, naturalistic look? Go for something curvy and low-profile. Want something more modern? Stick with sharp lines and angles.

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Photo: Heather Knapp. From: Scenic Landscaping.

Boulder Retaining Wall

While a perfect row of boulders may be a rare sight in nature, this installation is a great bridge between the manicured lawn and the carefully planted slope. The immensely heavy boulders hold the landscaped hillside up with ease, at once serving both a practical purpose and creating a stunning visual.

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