Sophisticated His-and-Her Home Office

When a family of five relocated from Silicon Valley to Austin, Texas, they knew they needed the right home office. Turnstyle was tapped to create a collaborative workspace for both professionals, complete with a reception area and private study. Wood paneling, modern patterns and metallic decor make it the perfect blend of his and her styles.

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November 30, 2018

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Photo By: Twist Tours

Architectural and Design Elements Combine to Create a Grander, Larger-Feeling Office Space

Although this space is small, designers used the architecture of the building as well as elements in their design to make the space feel larger. For example, stately wood paneling leads the eye all the way up to the high, pitched ceiling, while the ceiling height, arched windows let in plenty of natural light so that the space feels magnificent. Then, designers brought in rugs and art to create defined spaces within the office so that the room has flow and purpose. Finally, designers used strategically placed metallic pieces, such as the desk and filing cabinet, to reflect all of the gorgeous light in the space, creating a functional space with a grand feeling.

Oversized, Arched Windows Add Drama to Office's Eclectic Design

In the reception area, oversized arched windows rest behind the metallic desk to add drama and dimension to the eclectic space.

Metallic Desk in Reception Area of Eclectic Office Space

The metallic desk in the reception area stylishly reflects the light and the design of the space to create a larger, more open feeling.

Rounded Windows and Doors Create a More Spacious Feeling in Small Office Space

For a larger feeling in the office space, designers used rounded, floor-to-ceiling doors an windows, drawing the eye upward to the pitched ceiling and recessed lighting, creating a bright, warm and inviting space.

Cozy Waiting Area with Library

In the waiting area, two comfortable chairs provide clients with a cozy place to sit. Behind these chairs, a library displays art and books that are easily accessible to guests as they wait.

High, Pitched Ceilings Make Reception Area Feel Larger and More Open

The high, pitched ceilings of this warm office space make the small reception area feel larger and more open.

Pocket Doors Create Two Separate Offices While Saving Floor Space

To separate the main office from the reception area, designers installed pocket doors. These doors would create two different spaces without taking up any precious floor space in the small office.

Design Elements Define Areas in Eclectic Office Space

Designers wanted to create a reception area that feels very connected, but also has clearly defined spaces, so they chose to incorporate elements into their design that would visually separate each one. In the waiting area, built-in bookshelves wrap around the chairs for waiting clients; in the reception space, wood paneling and artwork provides definition. Finally, the main office space is hidden behind a set of pocket doors that can be opened or closed, per the needs of the situation.

Design Choices Help to Camouflage Office Supplies in Eclectic Space

Although this is an office, the office supplies do not take the space's focus. Instead, designers use stylish containers, a metallic file cabinet, lots of art and heavy wood paneling and cabinetry for a stately feel in the space.

Main Office Space in Eclectic Office Design

In the main office space, designers continued the stately cabinets in their design, but lightened the small space with neutral chevron wallpaper. On either side of the desk, they installed shelves to help keep the space organized. They finished the design with fun artwork to bring the design to life.

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