Stephanie Wohlner's finished projects reflect her love of the process—translating client's ideas into nuanced design that expresses their personality and style in warm, tailored interiors. Her focus is on the needs of the family and the requirements of their lifestyle, to create beautiful and balanced living spaces. She combines design with function, juxtaposing seemingly disparate objects, to create interest through contrast.

Her use of color, textures and patterns is flexible, based on the tastes and preferences of the client. Her objective is to create interior charisma—with an eclectic mix of antiques and contemporary furnishings, or with classic modern pieces. Stephanie's refined taste and experience results in comfortable homes possessing timeless elegance.

Stephanie Wohlner, Allied member ASID, is a graduate of Harrington School of Design and has been designing residential interiors for over 25 years in Chicago, the North Shore, and beyond. Creating sophisticated spaces that last, she utilizes high-quality product paired with timeless design. Stephanie infuses soul and rhythm into spaces by translating a client’s vision through a curated lens, creating a beautiful result.

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Stephanie Wohlner

Stephanie Wohlner

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