Stephanie Bradshaw is a full-service creative and branding studio based in Baltimore, Maryland. The design philosophies and branding strategies of the company are unique, collaborating with clients to create lasting impressions for each individual project. The SB Team believes that at the core of great design is successful problem solving. By understanding the values, aesthetics, and lifestyles of each client, the team develops innovative concepts that exceed expectations.

The Stephanie Bradshaw creative team consists of hand-selected (self-proclaimed) “design ninjas”. They excel at developing unique design concepts and innovative solutions for each client, and the spaces in which they live, work, and entertain. Keeping true to the “it’s not where you’re going, it’s how you get there” philosophy, Stephanie and her team take pride in the process of “getting there” and the challenges that must be “styled” along the way.

Did you know that we offer E-Design?  Our E-design services allow clients to work with members of our trained design team from anywhere in the world!  Just as with our face-to-face services, we create a space that fits clients’ needs and reflects a unique sense of style personalized for each space.  The process is easy to get started, just contact us, fill out a questionnaire detailing your specific concerns, needs, likes and dislikes, send us photos and measurements of your space and let our design team take care of the rest!  Our attentive and communicative design team works with clients every step of the way from initial idea conception to completion of the design plan making sure they are satisfied with every step of the design process. 

Stephanie Bradshaw

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Stephanie Bradshaw
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