Stocker Hoesterey Montenegro Architects, PLLC, was founded in 2005 by our principals, who share a passion for practicing architecture that is engaged to make a lasting impact on every life it touches.

At SHM, we champion age-old principles of design that create intentional, meaningful spaces. It is our goal to approach every project with humility. We strive to generate fearless concepts that are individually driven, show honest and truthful intent in their structure and materials, embrace imperfect beauty, and display and inspire compassion for the environments in which they are built.

Our aim reaches beyond the final product. It is our hope that every individual who encounters our work—be it the clients, contractors, consultants, suppliers, workmen, our own staff, or passersby—be treated with dignity and respect, and ultimately that their lives would be enriched by what we do.

We consider ourselves ordinary people who are extraordinarily good at our work. We care deeply about our craft and who it affects, and it is our desire to be always conscious of our design principles and core values, regardless of project type, scope, style, or location.


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