Shelly Riehl David has been designing high end residential and commercial interiors for discerning clients for over twenty years. Her work has been published nationally and internationally. Her projects have been featured in Florida Design Magazine, Florida Travel & Life, Casa Y Estillo and numerous other publications. Her projects have been featured on the cover of European Homes and Gardens, Spaces Magazine, Decorating Spaces and Window Fashions magazine.

Shelly's talents and resources are diverse. Every individual project receives an amazing attention to detail that encompasses the owner's desires and tastes with the demographics, budget and style that the decor deserves. Shelly's team also works extensively with clients to provide turn key decorating services for vacation home owners and clients that desire the high level of detail necessary for a complete move in experience. Riehl Designs, Inc is available to work on projects of all sizes, both residential and commercial throughout the world. Shelly attributes her extensive travels as her ever changing inspiration to infuse fresh, original and multi cultural layered designs to each and every one of her projects. She does this all while keeping the focused perspective that, "Designing and decorating is a luxury and deserves to be a fun and enriching experience for everyone involved."

Shelly Riehl David

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