Bold Red Playroom

This bright red playroom designed by Jenna Buck Gross is every child's dream with lots of open space, a table for crafts and a miniature tent for sleepovers with friends.

Photo By: Jenna Buck Gross

Photo By: Jenna Buck Gross

Photo By: Jenna Buck Gross

Photo By: Jenna Buck Gross

Bold Red Playroom With Navy and White Accents

Playful patterns in navy, red and white take center stage in this bold red playroom. With a tent for sleepovers, a table for painting and a chalkboard for drawing, this play space is every child's dream.

Colorful Global Pillows Fill Navy and Red Window Seat

Fun, colorful pillows displaying memorabilia from various countries grace this playful window seat. The pillows add a global vibe to the otherwise country feel in this bold red playroom.

Eclectic Red Playroom With Colorful Mixed Patterns

Bright, colorful patterns combine to accomplish a playful, eclectic vibe in this bold red playroom. Contemporary stools spice up the traditional white desk, creating balance in the space.

Classic White Desk in Bold Red Playroom

Contemporary meets country in this bright red playroom. Contemporary metal stools bring a bold edginess to the space, while a classic white desk gives the room a timeless feel.

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