Heide's interiors are filled with art, objects and materials of quality and craftsmanship that have a history. They are well composed and inviting. They are as comfortable as they are attractive. And while each room reflects the tastes and interests of the client, it always has the same sensibilities — eclectic, warm, and settled. When working with Heide, you become engaged in an organic design process toward making your house or apartment feel like a home. Guided by her instincts, knowledge and experience, Heide approaches each project utilizing her skill and enjoyment of collaboration. As the client, you are the focal point of all creative decisions. Solutions are tailored to your personality, lifestyle and needs.


Originally a carpenter, Rafe eventually found his place as an artist and designer. Leaving Brooklyn, NY after several years working as a designer and exhibiting artist, he and Heide returned to rural Connecticut to raise a family. Living full time in the country, Rafe guides each project from design through construction–continuing his family’s building legacy and fostering his own creative growth.

In recent years, Rafe has received two Bulfinch Awards from the Institute of Classical Architecture and Art and has been awarded Fine Homebuilding’s 2016 Best House of the Year. His work has also been featured in dozens of publications, design blogs, and on-line features .

Hendricks Churchill LLC

Hendricks Churchill LLC

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