Eatery With Wood-Look Tile

This contemporary restaurant from Ginny Schneider and Gin Braverman features rows of live plants flanked by banquettes, wood-look tile throughout the space, and a geometric trellis overhead.

Photo By: TK Images

Photo By: TK Images

Photo By: TK Images

Photo By: TK Images

Photo By: TK Images

Photo By: TK Images

Photo By: TK Images

Photo By: TK Images

Indoor Container Gardens Enliven Dining Area

Indoor container gardens decorate this contemporary restaurant, making the space feel lively and fresh. Here, a row of plants with a banquette on either side bisects the main dining area.

Restaurant Waiting Area Boasts Rustic Flair

This casual restaurant features a convenient waiting area with a row of barstools. A short wall with a rustic wood ledge ensures the waiting area can double as a dining area as well.

Ordering Counter Features Hand-Lettered Chalkboard

Custom chalkboard artwork welcomes guests into this hip restaurant. Walnut cabinetry pairs with wood-look tile and patterned artisan tile for a trendy yet tasteful first impression.

Geometric Trellis Installations Wow in Crisp Dining Space

Geometric trellis installations hang from the ceiling in this restaurant's dining area, creating striking interest and movement in this crisp white space. Simple tables and clean-lined chairs keep the room from looking busy.

Contemporary Dining Space Boasts Wood-Look Tile Floors

Wood-look tile floors in a light, weathered finish create a casual, earthy vibe in this restaurant's dining area. Sleek tables and modern chairs work well with the floors for a clean, stylish design.

Stylish Pizza Oven & Wine Storage

Crisp white tile laid in a herringbone pattern surrounds the pizza oven in this trendy restaurant. Sleek, clean-lined wood shelves provide stylish wine storage.

Knitted Pendant Lights Add Flair to Casual Restaurant

Knitted light fixtures are woven throughout the seating areas in this contemporary restaurant. The playful pendants create a fun, laid-back vibe ideal for the easygoing eatery.

Contemporary Restroom Features Patterned Artisan Tile

The same patterned artisan tile used throughout the restaurant is used in the restroom, creating a harmonious sense of cohesion and flow. Geometric sconces play off the geometric tiles, and wood-look tile adds a splash of warmth to the space.

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