Erica Broberg Smith Architect is dedicated to the production and implementation of great design. We provide our clients with a highly individualized design experience, while keeping a client's vision at the forefront of the process. Our work blends into the surrounding environment, and never ‘makes an architectural statement’ the priority. Our goal is to provide a unique response to each project, that is a reflection of the homeowner's lifestyle and tastes.

Our ‘boutique’ team is quite versatile, and has a heightened sensitivity and experience with historical houses, environmentally sensitive sites, and comprehensive construction detailing. We are well versed in the complexities of renovations, additions and overhauls of existing structures.

Our practice is deeply dedicated to the craft of architecture, with Erica Broberg Smith intimately involved in every project. We encourage a high level of client involvement, resulting in a truly collaborative experience. Our open collaboration with our clients and craftsmen is the key to achieving that goal.

Architecture tells a story. We delight in this process of discovery, with beauty, elegance and function being our ultimate goal.

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