When it comes to tweaking my personal space I can’t help myself. Whether it’s at work or home, or maybe just for one night, if that space feels tired, cluttered, or unorganized, I have to adjust whatever it is that’s not working, and instantly I feel better! I call this “Tweaking”.

You could say it’s a passion, but I can’t lay my head down in a hotel room if a lamp or chair is in the wrong place. I also “Tweak” my family and friend’s homes. It’s so infectious I’m starting to wonder if all those dinner invites are just to get a makeover. What they don’t know, is I’d do it anyway, dinner or no dinner. No one is safe. I’ve organized and styled store displays when out shopping. I’ve even been asked by hotel staff to “Tweak” the rest of their rooms.

I realized about three years ago, after designing and decorating professionally for 12 years, my clients would call me back year after year to give their spaces the “Debbie touch”. That’s when I knew I was on to something and “Tweak Your Space” was born.

Tweak Your Space was designed for people like you. You don’t have to spend your life’s savings or get a second job to live in a beautiful space. Chances are, you have everything you need to make it special. You must have loved it when you first brought it home, right? Just like that old pair of shoes you discover on a cleaning whim. You probably have caught yourself saying, “Hey… I used to love these…I think I will wear them again”. You pair them with something new and… Voila!!!! You got yourself a brand new outfit!!!

With Tweak Your Space, we take your existing furniture and accessories found in and around the room, and swap items with other rooms. We find these “new” treasures hidden under beds, in the garage, and in closets, seemingly never to be seen again. Or, so you thought! When we Tweak Your Space, we bring them back to life in new, creative ways and give you the new room you’ve been wanting.

Tweak Your Space is not just about the interior. We can Tweak your exterior as well. Give your home new curb appeal or spruce up an outdoor dining area or garden. Whatever your need, let us Tweak it for you.

And as I always say, a well-designed space brings feelings of accomplishment, joy, warmth and happiness. So schedule a call with us soon!

Debbie Perez

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Tweak Your Space
tweakyourspace.com 1303 N. Armenia Avenue Tampa, FL 33607 813-600-9801

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