Cyndi Haaz, ASID is not only a hands-on professional interior designer but also an activist in the industry. She is passionate about her work and believes that everyone should have professional guidance, in order to avoid costly mistakes.

Designing exceptional kitchens and baths is only one facet of what Cyndi offers her clients.  Whether a consulting project, a renovation, addition or an entire house, Cyndi’s warm personality and ability to quickly understand design goals are the first things clients notice and appreciate.  Cyndi views her clients as partners collaborating with her to get the best possible result within the financial parameters they set.  She guides clients to make decisions that will reflect their personal style and taste while creating functional, warm and inviting environments.

With more than twenty years experience, Cyndi Haaz is well regarded by her colleagues and clients.  She is a past president of the Pennsylvania East Chapter of ASID, American Society of Interior Designers, and she has received numerous awards for her service and designs.

Cyndi Haaz

Cyndi Haaz

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