“Corey Damen Jenkins demonstrates a knack for seeing beyond the obvious, taking what his clients tell him to another level that exceeds their wildest dreams. Though none of his projects look the same, they do share a common bond; each space makes a striking statement that will stand the test of time.

One peek through his impressive portfolio shows that Corey is a true visionary. While his creative instincts are undeniable, he brings a great deal more to the table with his professionalism, sunny disposition and genuine enthusiasm for every endeavor.

His style has been described as a fresh continental mix of elegance and modernity, while his vision is fueled by his clients. Looking at their dreams and aspirations as if they’re bricks stacked on a palette, Corey sees himself as the “mortar” needed to build those bricks into something tangible.

As he explains, when you step back from a real brick building, you don’t really see the mortar; the bricks are what stand out. The same can be said when you step back and look at his work. He wants you to see his clients’ personalities.

Corey Damen Jenkins

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Corey Damen Jenkins & Associates, LLC
www.coreydamenjenkins.com 261 E Maple Road Birmingham, MI 48009 248-770-5771

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