Melding traditional and contemporary, beach and city, Anne Michaelsen-Yahn is the founder of Anne Michaelsen Design,  a Newport Beach, California-based interior design firm specializing in defining the dynamic edge between classic and modern.  

​For more than three decades, Michaelsen-Yahn has created some of Southern California’s most intriguing and innovative interior environments blending her classical training, art history expertise, and love for modernism to establish an artful alchemy that is redefining interior design. Her art-influenced aesthetic weaves together an impressive, and award winning body of work that  includes a wide variety of projects, locations and architecture.

With an extensive education and classical training in both history and design, Michaelsen-Yahn has a BA in Art History from Scripps College in Claremont and has completed UCLA’s renowned Interior and Environmental Design program. To further steep herself into the history of art and design, she studied Renaissance art in Florence, Italy through Syracuse University, participated in the English Country House study program of the Royal College of Art in London, and continues to travel extensively. Michaelsen-Yahn states, “My education has guided me through my design endeavors and therefore has been a very valuable compass throughout my career.”

Anne Michaelsen

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