Swan Architecture specializes in all things residential. Whether you’re in need of a kitchen remodel, sunroom addition, or new home or cabin, our main objective is twofold: Providing premium professional design services while guiding and protecting you, the client, through what can be both an exciting and daunting journey to the best of our expertise. We understand that you’re hiring us to actually listen, and more importantly, understand your vision, so that your home reflects your spirit and personality, not ours. Above all else, when the project is finished, we want you to LOVE WHERE YOU LIVE. We believe that authentic design transcends fashion and trend. We draw upon our rich traditions of the past while modernizing them to suite the way we live today. Throw in a bit of whimsy, and we’re on our way to a home that will suit many for generations, but distinctively suits your life today. Prospective and past clients often react favorably to our whimsy page, which comes as no surprise, because whimsy is the perfect mix of ambiance and unexpected lifestyle that makes a structure not only a house, but your spirited home.

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