2id Interiors is an interior design boutique firm owned and run by Laila Colvin and Rafaela Simoes in South Florida and Brazil that specializes in contemporary interiors.

Laila Colvin

Owner / Interior Designer

Multifaceted creative talent, Laila Colvin, began her design career in the fashion capital of South America, Rio de Janiero, where she worked as a Surface Designer developing patterns and prints for Brazil's most popular brands. Interested in expanding her creative portfolio, Laila was hired as an Art Director for a Houston, Texas-based agency specializing in design and technology. 

In 2005, Laila relocated to South Florida and refocused her work on surface design and was discovered by studios in London and New York that represented global brands such as Victoria's Secret, the Gap and Hallmark.  While acclimating to her new life and surroundings in Miami, Laila uncovered yet another creative talent, interior design. 

She soon met Rafaela Simoes who recognized that Laila's fashionable, yet unfussy, sense of style perfectly complemented her sophisticated and clean aesthetic resulting in design that's approachable, contemporary and playful.

Laila earned her degree in Fashion and Graphic Design in Brazil, from the Senai Cetiqt and Univercidade in Rio de Janeiro

Rafaela Simoes

Owner / Interior Designer

Brazilian interior designer, Rafaela Simoes, and her polished design aesthetic combines functionality and effervescence. Blessed with a tenacious spirit and talent, Rafaela impressive career has spanned the coasts of both South and North America from Rio de Janeiro to San Francisco and Miami. In 2001.

Eager to expand her design experience, she relocated to northern California in 2005 to work with two industry giants, Higgins Purchasing Group and Alamosa Design.  Based in San Francisco, Rafaela directed numerous Starwood projects.

Rafaela relocated to South Florida in 2007 and word of mouth quickly spread and she became the preeminent designer for affluent families updating their second, third, and fourth residences in the US.  Due to her enormous success, Rafaela sought out fellow Brazilian, Laila Colvin and formed 2id Interiors. 

Rafaela earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Architecture and Urban Planning in Brazil, in addition to a certificate in Interior Design, from the Instituto Metodista Bennett in Rio de Janeiro 

2id Interiors

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