Joseph Parisi's passion for interior design developed during the early stages of his life: his sense of color, use of space, and his derived pleasure from physical transformations of space became apparent. He spent much of his time looking at home magazines, admiring the photographs of houses and then redesigning them to fit his vision. He would recreate his own room every couple of months to reflect new ideas. Even with a very limited budget, Joe would try to bring it to fruition. Design was evidently in his blood. It is with this love of design that Joe approaches every project that he accepts.

Joe received a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from the University of South Carolina. Coming to New York in the late 70's, Joe started working at Gimbel's Department Store in their Executive Training Program. After apprenticing in the home division, he was promoted to the position of Domestics Buyer. He remained with Gimbel's for four years. In 1991, Joe decided to formalize his passion for design by enrolling into Parsons School of Design where he completed his formal Interior Design education and started his career as a designer. Joe has traveled extensively in Russia, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and across the United States and basks in the inspiration of those journeys. Clients have attributed to Joe an innate ability to reflect their personalities through his designs. This aspect of Joe's work brings him great pride: "...having my clients' personality reflected within their living spaces and having their guests feel a vibrant reflection of that persona is my goal with every job I accept." Joe's designs offer a unique sense of sophistication, conveying a clear vision of his clients' sense of self. It is all about the client.

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